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The Horrible Legacy of NH Democrats

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If you spent only 5 minutes looking at the recent voting record of New Hampshire Democrats, you would be appalled.

Presuming you are a sensible person with a healthy level of common sense.

Today’s Democrat Party has become the party of big, intrusive government, open borders and fraudulent elections – not to mention their tacit support for violent protest to damage our society in the name of “justice”.

Remember this when you go to vote this Tuesday.  It’s not just Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and AOC and her “squad” that want to tear our country and economy apart : our local NH Democrats overwhelmingly supported the concepts of higher taxes, heavy gun restrictions, illegal immigration and more intrusive government.

Take a look at the following graphic for the evidence and please SHARE it on social media.

Vote Republican this Tuesday – and be sure to vote ALL THE WAY DOWN THE BALLOT, not just the Federal offices.