New Hampshire State House Rep Says, "I Love Racists!" - Granite Grok

New Hampshire State House Rep Says, “I Love Racists!”

Democrat Rep Kris Schultz I love racists

New Hampshire Rep Kris Schultz (D) thinks it is RACIST to NOT teach white kids that they are inherently racist and unaware that they are inherently racist.’  Well, she’s back on video, tossing her family and her party under that bus on the question of racism.

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First, thanks to Karlyn Borysenko for the tweet. We’ve embedded the video below for your local (no risk of bi-polar twitter deletion hijinks) pleasure.



Karlyn is a Democrat who walked away after attending a Trump rally and realizing everyone she thought she could trust was lying to her. It turns out those Republicans were genuinely nice people. She has been digging into the radicalism of reps like Schultz and the Diversity-Equity fraud of Critical Race Theory for some time and was recently a featured presenter at a webinar on the topic of Critical Race Theory, which you can see here.

But let’s back to Kris.

The entire video is a gift and not just because of what Rep Schultz says (though it is fun to hear her say it). It is because Democrats will now leap up to tell us whatever they can to deflect the conversation away from the one they’d be having if a Republican said any of this.

That’s the best part for me because picking on Kris Schultz on anything deeper is a lot like someone taking advantage of a child. The way teachers and administrators (and Democrat politicians) push Theory on them (both the race and gender variants) is simply unfair.

So, here’s Kris being Kris.