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In Party Line Vote NH Democrats Pass Systemically Racist Minimum Wage Hike

NH Dems Destroy Jobs Godzilla

Progressives initially conceived of the idea of a minimum wage as a way to weed unskilled minorities out of the population. It still works. Low income, unskilled workers are always hit hardest, but even in the current climate (riots, protests, systemic racism), NH Democrats passed a mandatory minimum wage bill anyway.

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Kevin Landrigan has the tweety-bird update on the Twitter machine.

To which I add: Progressives (Democrats, Democrat Socialists), 

“… knew that by using government to make labor more expensive, it would result in fewer jobs.  It would price out unskilled labor.  And it would keep “undesirable” people (primarily immigrants and blacks) from finding employment.

The minimum wage was (and still is) a form of social engineering seized upon by early eugenicists. The goal was to deny opportunities to low and unskilled workers by making them unemployable.  Employers would be forced to hire more-skilled labor first at higher rates of pay; people who would deliver more productivity to match the cost of that labor and make up for the decrease in available jobs created by the minimum wage.

It still does that.”

Wait, one more pull quote.

The progressives of today are standing on the ideological shoulders of those who seized on the minimum wage as a way to punish low and unskilled workers by denying them jobs. All, in an effort to breed them out of existence.  It was prejudicial, bigoted, elitist, and racist.

So modern-day good intentions, real or imagined, are irrelevant.  Arbitrarily raising the value of labor by increasing the minimum wage reduces employment.  It prevents opportunity.  And it overwhelmingly affects blacks, immigrants, low-income families, and young people, by keeping them idle and making them unemployable.

History has not changed the result, nor has it altered math or economics. And since you and I know that Democrats think they are smarter than us, then they must know this too.

And yet, they do it anyway.

And it’s yet another cost increase placed on small business owners whom these Democrats are prepared to saddle with a double-digit tax increase.

As we come out of this manufactured recession, we will need all the jobs we can create. Please ask Governor Sununu to veto this bill to protect job creators and jobs for unskilled and entry-level workers. 

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