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Nashua Anti-Mask Mandate Protest: Fewer Masks. More Hugs.

On short notice, about 50 people gathered in the plaza in front of Nashua City Hall to protest the ordinance passed 9-3 by the Nashua Board of Aldermen that requires masks to be worn in all businesses in the city to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

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Nashua Group Plans Protest over Mandatory Mask Ordinance in Nashua

The City of Nashua has issued an ordinance this week, requiring the wearing of masks in public places. The order, passed Thursday evening, requires masks to be worn when customers visit any business in Nashua. The Group Nashua Liberty has announced that it will hold a protest in response to the order.

Mask Mandate Fines Nashua

Nashua Mask Mandate Passes with Fines up to $1,000

Mask-less shoppers in Nashua could face fines up to $1,000 for violating the city’s new mask mandate. The Board of Alderman voted to implement a new emergency ordinance on Thursday evening requiring all persons to wear a cloth face covering to enter any business, multi-unit residential complex or commercial building. Alderman Jan Schmidt, speaking with …

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