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I Guess This Might Explain Trying to Debate With Bernie-Bros

At least he shows up, and once in a while, there is agreement. But just like in my latest argument with him over “Whose money is it” (e.g., Socialists seem to believe that ALL the money belongs to Government, right Bruce?), there’s nothing there from the other side.

we have been watching rioting, vandalism and bullying

We Have Been Watching Rioting Vandalism and Bullying

America, we have been watching rioting, vandalism, and bullying opponents into silence. There have been calls to defund the police and abolish the Electoral College. The Democrat Party is trying to remake America. These Leftists hate America. It is they who are the haters, racists, vandals, and bullies.

How Long Are We Going to Tolerate

How Long Are We Going to Tolerate…

Many talking heads are trumpeting that radicals are hijacking peaceful protests. Well no, that is not true and it is time we wake up and smell the coffee. There is no groundswell of racial unrest. Radical Marxists and Islamists are using Blacks once again.