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Campus Mein Kampf – The Left’s Cultural Intifada of America Continues


As King Edward Longshanks notes in the movie Braveheart, “the trouble with Scotland is that it is full of Scots.” The same is true for America (and New Hampshire) as viewed from the left. It’s full of white people. If they can’t breed them out, they must “fix” them.

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No self-hater wants to go it alone, so with the help of anyone who will join them, white liberals are reprogramming America to hate itself too. Your history, heritage, accomplishments, successes, are all failures because you’re white.

The only thing worse than being white is to be biologically male and white (and not in transition). And to ensure that psychology sticks, college campuses (workplaces, and even legislatures) are working on rewiring America’s collective-unconscious.

UW-La Crosse’s Research and Resource Center for Campus Climate and the UWL Hate Response Team hosted [a] two-day Hate/Bias Response Symposium, which featured a range of sessions, such as “Fat is a Social Justice Issue, too,” as well as “Navigating Masculinity through Trans Identity,” and “Got Solidarity? Challenging Straight White College Men to Advocate for Social Justice.

If you have seen Amazon’s the Man in the High Castle, you’ll get a sense of the process. America loses the War. The American Reich is converted to a left-wing National Socialist model. No terminally ill (they are euthanized). No inferior races or ideas (and no religion too).

The state is god and you will give thanks or else.

American landmarks are demolished, holidays hijacked.

Reichsgiving replaces Thanksgiving. A day to be thankful for the Nazi liberation from the failures and corruption of the American Republic. 

It is fiction exploring the reality of the totalitarian nature of supremacy ideologies. Marxist-Leninist Communism is not much different. Neither is Islam. The mind must be reshaped. Everyone is taught to observe and report on submissive behavior. You conform or keep quiet. (How much of our world – especially at Leftist institutions is already like this?). Those found to be outside the program must be corrected or removed from society. Disappeared or modified and re-inserted back into the collective.

From media to public school, to college campuses, American socialists (DBA – Democrat Party) are engaged in that very program.

These so-called Human Rights commissions and diversity committees are established to find ways the state can identify nonconformists and reengineer the population to some preconceived notion of utopia. Bias response teams lead the charge on College Campuses, hosting symposiums, and other gatherings to get minds where they need to be.

It is not about inclusion, equality, diversity, or ending discrimination. The entire program separates and discriminates by design. It does not bring together it tears apart. It is a cultural intifada with one goal. Poison the minds of future generations to destroy the country from within; divide and conquer. Then oppress us all regardless of race, sex, gender, color, age, or occupation. Only ideology matters.

We will peacefully oppose this in all its forms for as long as we draw breath. With any luck, we will never have to abandon our peaceful resistance because that will become very messy.

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