“Microinsults,” “Microinvalidations,” and “Microassaults” - Granite Grok

“Microinsults,” “Microinvalidations,” and “Microassaults”


It is now the job of American universities to make it as difficult as possible for higher functioning mammals to communicate. Even coexist. Welcome to Snowflake 401.

It’s an advanced level of taking offense. The feeling that anything anyone does is something you can (and perhaps should) take the wrong way.

Michigan State University, at least two new microaggression boards discovered in two different student dormitories instruct students on how to take action against “harmful language.” The boards, placed by MSU Residence Education and Housing Services (REHS), further define three microaggression categories: “microinsult,” “microinvalidation,” and “microassault.”

When confronted by these offenses you should breathe. Seriously. “[B]breathe when you get into stressful situations,” “acknowledge what the other person is saying,” and finally “respond to the other person.”

MSU defines “microassault” as “explicit bias and intended harm at someone,” whereas “microinvalidation” is “implicit bias and unintended harm to someone.” “Microinsult” only differs in it being “unintended subtle harm.”

Are you writing this down? It’s important. This is the culture the Marxist left wants for society. A world where your ideas are controlled by limiting the words you are permitted to use: the people you are allowed to associate, And the things you are supposed to believe.

At least in public.

And then in private because these are the same folks who, under Obama, repeatedly asked your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers to spy on you and report any ideas or words that were not in line with the party doctrine. The proper messaging. The approved narratives.

That was way back in 2008 and 2012. We’re five years deeper into the mania. And the college campus is the roadmap to the utopian society.

If you’d like to have your own thoughts, pick your own friends, and pray to the God of your choice (rather than the government) pay attention. 

They are serious.

“Microaggressions are absolutely legitimate,” MSU College Democrats Press Secretary Maysa Sitar told Campus Reform. “It is important students are comfortable and safe.” On the aspect of free speech, Sitar acknowledged the “enforcements are limiting. [The] university obviously can’t punish a student saying ‘that’s so gay.’

You have the power to stop this. Stop electing the people who support this nonsense to public office. To any office. Don’t let them run your schools or your town. It’s not too late.

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