A Snapshot of Your Benevolent Overlords - "Peaceful" BLM Protester Punches Black Man who Disagrees With Him - Granite Grok

A Snapshot of Your Benevolent Overlords – “Peaceful” BLM Protester Punches Black Man who Disagrees With Him

BLM protester punhces black trump supporter

This is a charming little vignette. A black man (Trump supporter, according to the report) is confronted by a BLM protester (in what is now called BLM plaza). The black man drifts back toward some officers. The “Peaceful BLM protester™” then punches the black man in front of DC Police.

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That’s when the fun begins.

Police immediately try to grab the guy. White allies spring to his defense to prevent the arrest. Then they try to argue, “What he being detained for” as if they didn’t just see him hit the guy and then falsely arguing the Trump supporter punched him first. That takes some gall but an important example of how they often falsely represent the facts of what happens in incidents.

This is no act of self-defense; it is assault. But hey, he must be one of those black white supremacists, so he deserved it. The police didn’t think so.

Like I said, a vignette.

This is a snapshot of the progressive reality, shaded by the aggressors, to justify their assault.

Nothing new or different. It is their template for action. But it might be new or different to people who are hoping this craziness drifts into memory and passes by them.

Sorry, no such luck.

The fence-sitters and bench-warmers need to realize that we’ve been in this cold war for a long time and that what they see now it the hot war. And the primary target of these aggressors is not Mr. Trump, or conservatives,  police ‘brutality,’ systemic racism, or any sort of racism at all; it is their way of life.

And it’s not about race, just ask the black man who got punched or any Trump supporter of color. Ask women, children, teachers, union workers, or members of the LGBT community. People who dare to toe a line other than that of these radicals. Any line. They are not safe. they are labeled racist, NAZI, bigot, haters. They get shouted down, and where necessary canceled.

Pro-black anti-slavery statues are not safe but that statue in Seattle of the racist mass-murderer Lenin, that one is safe. No one is defacing or toppling that because, and I will never get tired of saying it, this was always about ideology.

All their talk is projection. The goal is a militant Marxist one-party regime in which Democrat Socialists decide not just what your rights are but if you are entitled to them. The black man in DC was not, the protester who punched him was.

His fellow pro-BLM protesters defended the attack. They accused the victim of committing the assault and then tried to prevent the police from arresting the attacker. It’s not any different from Hillary Clinton peddling classified docs across her illegal unsecured email server while Democrats and the media defended it.

Nearly every accusation against Trump can be linked to criminal behavior by Democrats looking to use him as a scapegoat to help cover it up. It is called liberal privilege.

Their revolution must label the existing system as a tyranny because it needs to destroy that system so that it can rule in its place. And while the Constitutional Republic is far from perfect, to borrow from Churchill, “…[it] is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms…”

What it lacks in perfections (which cannot be achieved) it makes up for in mobility and opportunity. Anyone from anywhere can rise to any definition of success they chose for themselves but they have to do the work. Failure is always an option but then so is trying again until you succeed.

There is no such mobility in their regime. They decide who has privilege, if, when, and for how long.

That’s the way they live and it is how they would govern.

If you can’t see that, or see it but are unwilling to say no to it (openly or just at the ballot box), we are all in a heap of trouble.

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