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Live Free or Die NH

Is This Still the “Live Free or Die” State?

We often hear those who protest various political or social ills described as fringe, extreme right or left, angry, or other negative comments meant to marginalize whatever group is out of favor with the media and their political allies. Governor Sununu is a frequent offender in this department.   He repeatedly uses these inflammatory and …

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Progressive Couple Facehuggers Babylon Bee

Babylon Bee: “Progressive Couple Thrilled with Latest Mandates”

The only question is, how close is this really, given all the things that power-mad Mayors, Governors, President Asterisk, and other assorted bureaucrats have done during this 98% survivable pandemic from the Chinese Flu, to what might happen in our near to mid-term future?


A King’s Heavy Hand

“Take the shot or STARVE TO DEATH!” It comes to us from the moral high ground of the Left, or what passes “the obey or else” Marxist philosophy popular in DC these days.