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Blogging can be Very Amusing: More Hate Email, Right Ken Pataska?

I have always told GraniteGrok writers that they are free to write about anything that amuses them even if it isn’t on our main topics of Politics and Political Culture. Sometimes, “hateful” emails turn out to be very amusing (but then again, I’ve been known to have a strange sense of humor).

“Civil” Sports Disobedience

In 1991 I returned to New Hampshire after being activated by the Marines for Operation Desert Storm, aka Persian Gulf War I. The happy homecoming will always be a fond memory. Some things had changed in my absence, of course, but time marches on.

Trump riot

Ashli Babbitt’s Cause of Death During Jan 6th DC Riot Ruled a Homicide

Last I knew, “insurrections” end up with two sides killing a lot on both sides. With regard to the Capitol Rion in DC on January, 6th,  there were very few deaths and none was caused by civilians. That already strains the credibility of Democrats calling it an insurrection, but now this!?

free speech - speech suppression

Do You Really Advance Truth by Destroying Truth?

Today the First Amendment to the constitution of the once freest nation in the world is moribund. Its enemies are not Klansmen in hoods seeking to intimidate blacks. And its enemies are not right-wing conspiracy theorists rooting out communists.