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Die Gedanken sind frei … A Tune for While You Read

Die Gedanken sind frei.

Die Gedanken sind frei … My thoughts freely flower. My thoughts give me power. No scholar can map them; no hunter can trap them; o man can deny… Die Gedanken sind frei.

Pete Seeger did a protest song a long time ago. The story goes he got the song from a school book going back to 16th or 17th century Germany…  Please, click the Pete Seeger link and give it a listen as you read this missive.

Leftists are into banning books, rioting, breaking windows, controlling language, and denying nature. They are into accusations of disloyalty, isolating opposition, and excluding opponents’ businesses. It’s not a bright future win, lose or draw with the left.

The Left is huge into the demonization of disagreement. They love using polarizing terms like “domestic terrorism” and “white supremacy.” Such terms are an effective way to label people as suspicious or worse yet undesirable and/or dangerous. The Left is continuously suggesting racism is so deep and so bad… You see, those guilty of it don’t even realize it, really?

The Left would have everyone believe racists can’t do anything to change. They, of course are wrong. But such is their justification of the need for reparation and unending guilt. It just could not be that they are race hustlers trying for self-enrichment, nope, it couldn’t be that.

Power and control

The left is into controlling the language. They feel empowered to put “ism” on the end of any behavior or attitude threatening their narrative. They like little better than restricting businesses so much people become unemployed. That’s a win because it is demonstration of power and control. That people are them unable to find work, yeah, oh well too bad, so sad.

Leftists are into changing school curricula to exclude historical truths. When called on their lies and hypocrisy they are into doubling-down on their priorities and prejudices. From restricting public gatherings and church meetings to inhibiting family get-togethers it is about submission and control. The Left is into encouraging the isolation and public shaming of those who dare disagree with their dogma.

The Left is all about adding new travel restrictions that require “papers” for politi-virus testing and vaccination. They have been releasing dangerous criminals from prison early. We wouldn’t want them to get politi-virus in jail. See they cannot get it out of jail, say what? Who is harming who and why?

Leftist want us to welcome unvetted immigrants. But if they are unvetted how do we know whether they are bringing politi-virus across our border? The Left is demonizing police and border security. Why? Because they are responsible for enforcing the laws our government put in place.

Forced submission

Why aren’t they putting their energy into changing the laws instead of demonizing those who work as directed? It is the Left who are massing the military to imply massive levels of danger to the “leaders”.

We have a constitution. It provides certain protections of the rights of the people from infringement. The Left is all about making the legal ownership of guns seem to be dangerous. Self protection is a right innate in each of us. Government does not give us that right and it cannot take it away.

Leftists would have us believe unless the government controls guns we are in danger. It is a specious argument. There are more guns than people in America. We’ve been armed since the country’s founding. You cannot change this with a law… it is a constitutional right. It takes a constitutional amendment to change it.

The Left is big into shaming and isolating individuals, groups and companies. If you dare disagree with them you are an apostate and must be socially and economically ostracized. That, in and of itself, is a chill on free speech. The Left is controlling the narrative of the news. Nearly all who work in the media are Leftists. These Leftist spend more time demonizing the networks or commentators who have huge followings who do not tow the Leftist mark.

Intimidation and threat

The Left is all about doxing any who dare disagree with them. They indulge in publicizing the home addresses of people they disagree with. The intent is to threaten the opposition, their families, and their personal and real property.

The Left is not content with a win. Instead, they attack their major opponents long after they have won. The Left sees this as necessary, so future resistance is impossible. The Left is all about delaying, denying, and deflecting news coverage of stories critical of the current leadership. Facts do not matter. Narrative does. Truth does not matter to the Left. Science does not matter to the Left.

The Left is all about demonizing capitalism. They are abandoning all limits to spending. This will destroy the concept of the value of money. The problem with this is how do you accomplish the exchange of goods and services without a medium of exchange?

They are positioning debt as something that lenders should “forgive.” That is theft. It is quite simply immoral. Assets are things for which they have worked their whole lives. That some have chosen to let others us them for compensation facilitates growth in the economy. Forced forgiveness of debt is theft. It is a taking. There is just no other way to say it.

Who benefits from such action?

The Left is restricting the country’s ability to remain energy independent. This attempts to diminish the very real danger posed to us by aggressive foreign countries. The Left is recommending the isolation and “reprogramming” of your opponents. Re-education camps are widely and openly being proposed. This is quite simply the next step toward the genocide Leftist desire. Die Gedanken sind frei.

Does any of this appear to be a pattern to you? Is any of it familiar? What part of this sounds like America to you? Is it possible to follow this path and arrive at “Unity”? Does the continuation of this approach lead to anything you want to see? Come on man… Unity… really? Kiss my rosy red buttocks. There can be no uniting with these behaviors, this ideology, or this level of animus and hate.