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Another Inclusive University Language Guide For Dummies

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Deconstructing language is at the center of unraveling culture. Teach them to speak as you do, and before long, they are you. But why would you want to be them?

There’s no good reason, so they took over government and education. Now, if you want to ‘Pass,’ they expect you to bow down to whatever ridiculous nonsense they concoct. An infection that has made its way into public health, but let’s not go there again quite yet.

We’ll stick to the topic at hand. Langauge. Words.

U Pitt, as in the University of Pittsburgh, is the latest school of high(er) learning to embrace a reimaging of the language on a voluntary basis.

Voluntary, my ass.

They are creating a culture which you will be required to appropriate, and your embrace of the new language is part of the initiation. And I’m going to have to take issue with how shortsighted it is.

For example, instead of using the word Chairman, they recommend Chairperson. That has the word son it, genius. That means boy, male child, an apple with a stem on it if you catch my drift, and it’s offensive.  If you want to emasculate the language, you go big or stay home, rookie.

They make the same mistake with Ombudsman. Ombudsperson is their replacement. Disregarding how uncomfortable it is to say and how stupid it sounds, the thing you claim to have gutted from the language remains. Your locution is flawed. Fix it.

Other suggestions – remember this is (cough-cough) voluntary – include replacing mankind with humankind.

Human has the word man it!

What a disaster.

Let me guess, the Mao suits you ordered are in colors instead of the approved shades of gray or the more appropriate funerary black?

It is no wonder you are such failures politically. Your common-sense gun laws create more gun crime. The anti-racism screeds are racist. You bitch about debt and then spend us into multi-generational poverty.

This at least explains your obsession with a pharmaceutical treatment that doesn’t work. Unless by work, you mean it allows you to print money and launder it through big tech and pharma back into your political campaigns.

What’s the word for that again?

Oh, yeah, fraud which is the only possible explanation for how or why you people continue to have success at the ballot box.