It's Time to Call Cancel Culture What it Is - Blacklisting! - Granite Grok

It’s Time to Call Cancel Culture What it Is – Blacklisting!

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Last week, in an effort to frame things as they are, I decided to call Critical Race Theory what it is. Mandatory Black Supremacy Theory. A close cousin (because CRT does this to people “not of color”) is cancel culture. We need to call that what it is, blacklisting.

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You didn’t get canceled by Facebook or Twitter or the Screen Actors Guild, you were blacklisted. It’s a nasty word for a nasty practice. The Left loves the word when it suits them and it suits them.

They blacklist women, minorities, gays, anyone who fails or refuses to align appropriately with their political worldview.

There is no other measures.

Equity, inclusion, none of it is applied based on anything but politics. If you disagree they blacklist you. Like with Critical Race Theory (CRT).

The problem, aside from its systemic racism and discrimination, is that it establishes a willingness by the state to allow for this sort of indoctrination. You’d have to be a complete idiot to think this would be the only way they’d use these new privileges.

Democrats hate Jews so let’s engage a little thought experiment.

Take any curriculum or statements or anything presented by CRT advocates. Replace the word White with Black, or Jew.

You can make a perfectly good free speech argument about it until you enter the realm of a government’s expending tax dollars to exercise this sort of “education.” The government does not have a right to free speech the way you and I do nor do taxpayer-paid employees in the process of exercising the occupations for which they are paid.

The Courts have been very clear.

NH Tried to put the brakes on the systemic discrimination curriculums but HB544 got lynched and GOv. Sununu crowed about it. He was happy it for canceled.

DO him and us a favor.

Take my suggestion. Use their tools and change white or witness to black or Jew, then send it to your reps who voted against it, and the governor.

Ask them why blacklisting white people is different than blacklisting Jews or People of Color. Make sure you share what you send and the reply with us here. Maybe we cab blacklist the political careers of these idiots before they unravel the entire Republic around us.