Teacher: 'Caucasian' Should Be Canceled as Term for "White Person," – CRT Stack of Stuff Part 13 - Granite Grok

Teacher: ‘Caucasian’ Should Be Canceled as Term for “White Person,” – CRT Stack of Stuff Part 13

Ashleigh CRT instructor

Not only are we subjected to a morality that demands we simply give up ours (of a sort, it really is just plain totalitarianism), the Left continues to DoubleThink us by denying and changing/redefining our language out from underneath us.

Today’s edition of “Critical Race Theory – the Madness of our Betters” is a prime example of this, reformatted and emphasis mine:

A Columbia University medical college has set up “Guidelines for Promoting an Anti-Bias and Inclusive Curriculum” — and one of the tenets is ditching the term “Caucasian” to describe white people. The Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons indicates the guidelines are “intended to combat systemic racism and bias which decrease our ability to provide equitable medical care, and to increase inclusion within our medical school.”

Specifically, the guidelines say one of the goals is “eliminating the use of outdated and imprecise terms, e.g., ‘Oriental’ to describe an Asian person or ‘Caucasian’ to describe a white person” and using more precise terms.

…Westby also noted in the piece that the use of “Caucasian” to describe white people serves the purpose of “prioritizing comfort of white people.” She adds that “white people are uncomfortable with naming themselves as white” and that doing away with “Caucasian” can be seen as an “antiracist action.”

It is important to consider the implications and effects of the language we use, and the word Caucasian used indiscriminately when not rooted in historical context or impact does further racist assumptions and obstructs antiracist discourse,” Westby adds.

How about YOU be inclusive and leave the rest out of your EXCLUSIVE mindset, eh? Because every time one of you Wokesters starts mumbling about stuff like this, the book over of “1984” floats across my mind. And it turns out in practice, you’re not “inclusive” at all. And yes, the rest of us ARE considering what you are doing to no just our language but the thoughts it no longer will be able to be expressed when you’re done with it; “1984” was never to be a how-to but a warning. One which you have failed to understand.

Good, we’re not alone in this; this from back in May:

Utah has become the latest state to start the process of banning critical race theory (CRT) from being taught in public schools, with the state’s Speaker of the House convening an extraordinary session of the State House of Representatives to discuss the matter. Utah House Speaker Brad R. Wilson sent a letter to legislatures on Tuesday, telling them to return to the state house on Wednesday to discuss two bills: A resolution to support Second Amendment rights for Utah citizens and another to urge the Utah State Board of Education to ban critical race theory from public schools.

Six other States have already banned this racist and discriminatory philosophy: Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Texas and Utah just waiting on Gov. signatures.

And you’re not alone – time to join your like-minded brethren:

A parent-led rebellion against Critical Race Theory is storming school boards across the country and demanding accountability for what is being taught to American children. At least 165 local and national groups have formed to combat Critical Race Theory (CRT) instruction in schools across the U.S., an NBC analysis found. Many of these groups were founded by parents appalled to discover what was being taught to their children. Their advocacy has launched small town CRT debates onto the national stage, spurring far-left activists and establishment media outlets to accuse conservatives of ignorance and in some cases, racism.

“Parents are right to revolt against critical race theory in the classroom,” senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and anti-CRT writer Christopher Rufo told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Children are not inherently ‘oppressors’ and should not be implicated for historical crimes on the basis of their race. That’s the kind of propaganda that belongs in a Soviet history museum—not American K-12 classrooms.”.

CRT holds that America is fundamentally racist, yet it teaches people to view every social interaction and person in terms of race. Its adherents pursue “antiracism” through the end of merit, objective truth and the adoption of race-based policies.

You want to get involved and hooked up with others on this?  Email me, Skip@GraniteGrok.com or Steve@GraniteGrok.com!  And the real answer in making them stop pushing that is “NO!” in as many ways as you can think. And stop caring about what the Wokesters call you:

Today, Reason published an interview with McWhorter about this new book project. Asked about the meaning of the phrase The Elect McWhorter said, “It’s the woke people who are mean. It’s the nasty woke people.” He continued, “What I mean by the elect is there are people who seem to think of their purpose as being to demonstrate that they’re not racist and to police the rest of us for racism…This is so important that it’s okay to hurt people.” “All of this is very cultural revolution, very Stalin.”

A bit later, McWhorter talked about the case of Donald McNeil losing his job at the NY Times. “The idea that he deserved to lose his job is not something that a critical mass of people would agree with. It’s the elect who think that he should lose his job,” he said. “What’s going on is the elect get their way because we’re all so deeply afraid of being called racist. It’s a reign of terror.”

…Eventually, interviewer Nick Gillespie asked McWhorter what the solution was to this. McWhorter said he was still working on that but said it basically had to come down to pushing back and refusing to take these kind of ritual denunciations seriously. “We have to understand that you can not reason with people like this,” he said. “It’s very rare that you teach somebody out of their religion and this is a religion. And so to try to talk these people down doesn’t work. All they know is that you’re a racist and that’s all you’re going to get. So the idea is not to try to have a dialogue with them about these sorts of issues…I think we simply need to start telling people like this no.”

Not me!  Up Yours! Sod off, Swampy! And then ask them how Stalinist and how Mao’s Cultural Revolutionary they feel. I bet none of these nitwits under 35 would even understand the question.

And in yet another case that they can’t even “revolutionize” without eating their own (AHgain), they can’t even agree what to call themselves:

In the most rapid American societal 180 of which I’m aware, cultural dictates have gone from “Skin color is irrelevant” to “People must be viewed according to race.” We’ve transformed the definition of enlightenment from a nonchalance toward pigment into an obsession with it…

…The term purposefully creates hierarchies between people of color groups, consciously highlighting the two “to acknowledge that not all people of color face equal levels of injustice.” Thus advocates use BIPOC…to highlight the experience or agenda of Black and Indigenous people as essential, even though they are part of the overall people of color community.

[A]ll of the other non-white groups within the fold are marginalized by design, grouped together in the leftover people of color section of BIPOC. Yet Black and Indigenous people are not at the center of every contemporary racial issue.

It can be misleading, overly simplistic, and even incorrect when centering the experiences of Black and Indigenous communities over others within the people of color umbrella. This belittles those who are virtually erased, ignores the realities of the issue under review, and harms the communities it purports to highlight by centering them in name only. It is critical that academics, advocates, and allies utilize language that is better than BIPOC…

Ah – “erased”. What else would they do without yet another silly, redefined word? And what condescension is needed to believe that’s what the rest of us believe? But the greatest fun is watching them fight over who is the most oppressed and the most victimized! Talk about the race to the bottom of being simpletons…

And if you think this is all just for K-12, listen up Moms!

Members of the Grammy-winning rap group The Roots are teaming up with Disney Junior for several animated short films aimed at teaching kids aged 2 to 7 about race, racism, and social justice issues. The project, entitled Rise Up, Sing Out, is set to be executive produced by The Roots members Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson and Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter.

“We hope these shorts will encourage the young audience to recognize and celebrate our differences as human beings while learning the tools to navigate real-world issues of racial injustice,” Thompson and Trotter said in a statement, according to the Associated Press. They added that their hope is to “empower and uplift the future generations in the way we know best, through music.” Disney Junior general manager and senior vice president Joe D’Ambrosia, added that they recognize that children are “experiencing a multitude of feelings around what’s happening in our world today” and the new project is aimed at helping parents discuss “sensitive issues around race” with their children.

Yeah, racial injustice, social justice, environmental justice, wealth inequality, BIPOC, Othering, and all that were ABSOLUTELY uppermost in my toddlers’ mindsets. As an involved parent, I’m just turning Disney off….Buh-Bye!

And with this next one, a PERFECT example of the Educational-Industrial Complex doesn’t care what OUR values are (you know, the ones that pay their salaries). Living proof that Lenin and Goebbels still live on in totalitarian mindsets:

The superintendent of the Bellingham School District in the state of Washington responded to parents’ reactions to the report last week that a first-grade teacher read a transgender book to her young students, by defending his district’s practice of “reading diverse books and learning about all kinds of lives” as “consistent with our values in our strategic plan, The Bellingham Promise.”

In his response message, Superintendent Greg Baker did not appear to address parents’ concerns their alarm was ignored, but instead complained the national attention to the reading of I Am Jazz to first-graders, is “prompting hate speech and harassment based on our values as a district and our commitment to equitable, diverse and inclusive education.”

He might as well just said “Parents, you don’t matter – WE have your children!”. Most intelligent people, unlike him, would have thought “Are we getting this wrong?”. Not him, so it seems.

And lastly, I hope that figurative blade never goes dull:

The answer, surely, is that when ideological clashes are about more remote matters, such as taxes or welfare programs, it is easier to pretend that they are harmless. Sure, they are costly and misguided, but paying for them without making a fuss can be regarded as the price of a quiet life.

It’s not that way with children, though. Parents do not see their sons’ and daughters’ flourishing as in any way theoretical or at arm’s length. Indeed, no subject is closer to them. Most people can live with busybodies messing up policy. But mess with their children, and you’ve woken the kraken. At that point, parents abandon their desire for a quiet life, set aside their usual practice of leaving politics to others. It’s for their children, after all, that they are most conspicuously willing to abandon what they think of as their dearest principles. How many people say in good faith that they believe in equality of opportunity? Is it 80%, 90%, or more? But it isn’t true. When it comes to children, we want to give them every advantage we can. All those music and dance lessons, the tedious taekwondo classes, the SAT prep, the networking to land internships? These are not efforts to create equal opportunity but to push our children ahead. So, when schools run by militants and right-on, do-gooding, soft socialist Democrats inject their corrosive falsehoods into the school curriculum, parents know that the revolution has come for their sons and daughters.

They’ve made the ultimate blunder – parents, even in this day and age, are Parents that believe it is their job to protect their kids from ANYONE, including teachers, that wish to do them harm BY THE PARENTS standard of measure. Teachers (and that lunkheaded Stuperintendent above) have decided that Parents don’t matter…

…and now finding out they do.


To Be Continued.