CRT by "Any Other Name" is Still Racist Black Supremacy Indoctrination - Granite Grok

CRT by “Any Other Name” is Still Racist Black Supremacy Indoctrination

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This mom is connected. Plugged in and paying attention. She is active with the school and has taught as a substitute. But they still managed to sneak Critical Race Theory past her because they called it something else.

They called it ‘Courageous Conversations.’

It’s a short video, so it won’t take up much time, but it is important. Even engaged parents looking for indoctrination can miss it because the union-run left-wing education industrial complex disguises it.

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Cautionary Tale: Critical Race Theory curriculum in public schools has many different names. This Essex Junction, VT parent was very engaged in her second-grade son’s school, and the district still snuck CRT curriculum past her. Now she has to fight to get it removed.