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Tamara Meyer Le

Foul Mouthed Intolerance and Hate

House Republican Leader Dick Hinch issued a statement after reviewing a Facebook post by Rep. Tamara Le (D-North Hampton), where she says, “F**k private and religious schools.” Rep. Tamara Le is a member of the House Education Committee. The post has since been deleted, but a screenshot is attached.

Islamization of the Political Process

Why Does Islam Stay Around?

Islam is a theocracy. It is not truly a religion. A better description is a worldview or a civilization view. There is a religious component, a requirement for submission as an act of faith. The basis of its exercise is the use of police power accompanying Sharia, which is a legal code.

Uncle Joe Says… If they Oppose My Plan, Put Them in Jail

Joe Biden suggested at the debate that some insurance executives should be jailed. It seems Biden holds them responsible for having a role in the opioid crisis. Biden’s remarks came as he was talking about his health care plan. Uncle Joe is the former vice president and is a 2020 presidential contender. The quote: Biden …

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Shariah-Law Women beating

Survey Of Islamic Beliefs and Practices

Introduction The three Pew Research surveys compiled and analyzed by the Muslim Global Demographic Project encompass about 1.1 billion Muslims. That is about two-thirds of the global Muslim population. Those Muslims live in 39 countries. Not every country was polled in all of the survey questions. What follows is a compilation of the studies’ findings. …

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