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OP-ED: Dear Mr. Solomon, We Won’t Be Silenced

David Solomon of the Union Leader wrote an opinion piece that has many shaking their heads:

The House has no voting sessions scheduled this week, which is probably a good thing, since a cooling-off period is definitely in order.

In this age of hyper-partisanship, acrimonious debate is hardly big news, but things really went off the rails during a marathon two-day session that saw lawmakers plow through 158 bills.

Apparently, Solomon has been asleep for the past couple of years when the atrocious behavior of some Democrats in the New Hampshire House of Representatives truly reared its ugly Medusa-like head. Either Solomon has chosen to ignore what Democrats in the house have built or he has completely forgotten their behavior. Either way, one Granite Stater decided to respond:

Dear Mr Solomon,

I read your opinion piece in the Union Leader ….it was way off.  Almost as off as Ley , who should resign for his behavior.

The problem is not buttons, pearls or scarves ….it’s far from it .  Stop blaming objects and start looking at the people who are the root of the problem.  We have a radical left wing party on a power trip in Concord.  They are drunk on power and are behaving like teenagers whose parents have left them home alone, unsupervised.  Except at the state house they are supervised but their supervisor is just as drunk and behaving just as badly, if not worse.

These left wing radicals are violating their oaths, lying and passing bills so detrimental to NH that I can only  pray that our governor vetoes each and every bill.  If not, our state will cease to be the beacon of liberty and freedom that it has  always been .

I, unfortunately,  have spent entirely too much time in Concord this year watching this behavior in the halls and  in the hearings.  I’ve never had to take vacation days to come testify because I feared that my God given rights were in jeopardy of being infringed upon.  I am not the only one ….there are many citizens just like me doing the same thing.  We are “woke” and we are truly disgusted at the hijacking of our great state by a radical left wing group hell bent on destroying it.

This radical left wing group has woken up NH citizens who are horrified at the current assault on our state.   Look for us, we are in the state house fighting for our second amendment rights,  we are easy to identify as we are wearing pearls .  You’ll also find us in the statehouse wearing yellow scarves while we stand up for our children who need a great education.  We don’t care who is “offended” by our scarves and pearls because we know those objects aren’t what truly “offends” them.

What really “offends” them are citizens fighting for their rights, fighting for our constitution and fighting to preserve our great state.  Blaming the pearls and scarves  using the false narrative based on lies; they are attempting to use fascist tactics to silence our first amendment rights ….not surprising from this radical left wing group.  If they had the ability, they would prevent us us from being there altogether.  Who knows, maybe they are already working on it .

We won’t be silent, we will continue to fight.  We not only  encourage our legislators to wear pearls and scarves, we are the ones giving them out.


Thank You for your time,
Cheryl Dean


 It’ll be interesting if the main stream media in New Hampshire actually bothers to take a real, hard look at the despicable behavior of Democrats over the past couple of years. Odds are, they’ll ignore it as they mostly have been. Democrats will continue to behave in the same disgusting way that seems to have multiplied with the extreme left-wingers that were bought into office thanks to out-of-state millionaires and billionaires who only seek to push their agenda and care nothing about New Hampshire or her citizens.