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Seriously, They Don’t Believe the Rest of Us Notice?


One thing I hate about politics is the lack of Consistency. Republicans certainly have their fair share to account for but it’s mostly the Democrats-Socialists. And this, THIS is about as blatant as it gets:

Consistency? Only in support of their agenda – keeping and acquiring more Power. In that respect, the above image makes PERFECT sense. Exact signature demand (and the lack thereof) will help to keep King Newsom in his Governor’s chair in California.

Demanding the opposite helped to defeat their existential threat, Trump. Consistency?

One would think that if demanding actual signatures in one place would mean the same thing everywhere, right?  Consistency!

No – that would be like winning Powerball the next 10 times the numbers are pulled.

And they just smile…

(H/T: Instapundit)