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John “CO2 Czar” Kerry Took Private Jet to Iceland to Accept Environmental Award

John Kerry on a private jet

John Forbes Kerry is America’s climate czar. It’s a new gig, conjured out of our CO2 “Rich” air. He’s going to help us lower our CO2 emissions, even though we’ve been doing that without him or any of those crazy green energy schemes that make Democrat donors rich.

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Part of doing that requires him to use more CO2 than the average family as often as possible, all year long. Daily, if necessary. Because, and I quote, “It’s the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle. I believe the time it takes me to get somewhere. I can’t sail across the ocean. I have to fly to meet with people and get things done.”


“It’s the only choice for someone like me,” Carlson mockingly repeated. “It’s the only choice for someone like me. Why do you have a 12,000 square foot house on the water in Nantucket? It’s the only choice for someone like me. Not a choice you are allowed to have.”


Kerry sold the Nantucket digs a few years back. He was asking 25 million but had to settle for 17.5 million. Sorry, Teresa Heinz (Kerry) sold it. It was her family’s little Nantucket ‘cottage’ getaway.

But not becasue of rising seas and the impending doom of Poseidon’s rage. Nantucket is an island, and not a very big one. Neither it nor its occupants – nor their pricey exclusive digs – would survive a fraction of the sea level rise prophesied by the likes of John Kerry.

That wasn’t it becasue they took just over 11 million of the just over 17 million and bought another home a stones-throw away on Martha’s Vinyard. John Kerry,


“…who likes to consider himself a man of the people, will be very hard to find at Seven Gates Farm, an exclusive enclave in Chilmark. Kerry and his wife — using a private trust to negotiate the deal — shelled out $11.75 million for the spectacular 18-acre property overlooking Vineyard Sound.”


With a few million left over for drapes and furniture and some area rugs to impress the Obama’s who two years later bought a 14 million-dollar sea-level beachfront property on Martha’s Vinyard for just over 11 million.

More of those people that the man John Kerry “is of”- which is to say that certain sort.

The kind of people whose only choice, because of who they are and where they live, is to fly in private jets from a to b to c or to accept awards for protecting the planet from abuse by anyone but his sort of people.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t kick him in the Kerry-Air, for it.

Here’s Tucker’s takedown in just under 5 minutes and John ‘Climate Czar’ Kerry explaining to the peasants why he has to do what he has to do.