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A Small Victory for Liberty

In an opinion released this morning, the NH Supreme Court reversed an order of the Superior Court that had dismissed a suit brought against the Speaker of the NH House challenging the adoption of a rule that prohibited members of the House from carrying or possessing weapons anywhere in the Statehouse. The putative basis for …

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Granite State Taxpayers Rally – Kimberly Morin

Gov. Sununu was not the only speaker that got recorded.  Kimberly Morin (President of the Womens’ Defense League of NH, Grokster, and NH’s ndefatigable Tweeter who constantly is driving the Left absolutely bananas) was actually the first speaker.  If you’ve ever heard her before, today’s speech by Kimberly will not disappoint! Gun Rights, womens’ rights, …

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Enemy of the People? Perhaps.

by Tony Zore Waking up early on a vacation day, I shoveled out my car from the newly fallen snow and drove to the Statehouse Office building in Concord this past Feb. 13th to stand up for our 2nd Amendment Rights. On a day where Maine had cancelled all of its public testimonies and New …

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The Red Pen Governor

The liberty and freedom we’ve enjoyed in New Hampshire is under direct attack.  And it’s the worst it has ever been. Fresh off their November election wins, Democrats fired up their campaign to restrict rights and grow government.  And, unfortunately, they control the House, Senate and Executive Council.   But fortunately, we still have a Republican governor …

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John Kasich

John Kasich’s Gun Rights Veto Overridden by Ohio Legislature

On Christmas Eve we reported on Governor John Kasich’s veto of some bills including “gun-rights” legislation. Kasich was emphatic in his rejection. “If you think I’m going to sign a bill that gives more power to the gun folks, are you kidding me?” The State Legislature wasn’t kidding when they sent it to his desk.  So …

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Five Counties in Illinois Declare Sanctuary Status …For Gun Owners

This is a great idea. At least five counties recently passed resolutions declaring themselves sanctuary counties for gun owners — a reference to so-called sanctuary cities such as Chicago that don’t cooperate with aspects of federal immigration enforcement. And, naturally, the Democrats don’t much care for it.