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New Hampshire, Legislatures, And Gun Laws from the Founding to 2019


This week the Democrat Majority New Hampshire Legislature is attempting to override 55 vetoes. Governor Sununu didn’t veto enough bills, in my opinion, but 55 is impressive. Including legislative interference with your Second Amendment Rights.

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The Left doesn’t have the votes to override these vetoes, and if yesterday was any indication, little hope of getting over that hurdle. Good news for liberty and armed law-abiding citizens. Sustained vetoes will never, however, be the end of it. The same players are already proposing identical bills for the upcoming session.

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They Will Not Stop Until Your Rights Are Dead 

This requires us to be vigilant every session, all session long, (sorry to say) forever. Our job is to stay alert, educated, informed, and ready when they chamber the next round of anti-gun bills.

To that end, has an excellent resource on the history of gun laws in America. We think you should familiarize yourself with it. And when you reach the bottom of that page, there are a host of links to other resources. These will aid you in your discourse on the matter of self-defense rights, and the never-ending effort by the left to deny them.

Today Is Always the Best Day to Defend Your Rights

We are no longer “just one generation away” from losing these rights, we are less than one legislative session away. One election. Every year and every election. And while the US Supreme Court has been landing on the side of the gun owners, it’s our job to ensure it doesn’t have to come to that.

They are hoping to wear us down. We can’t let that happen.

Stay Educated, my friends. Share what you know. And get involved.

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