VETO Day in the NH Legislature - GraniteGrok is virtually there. Here? - Granite Grok

VETO Day in the NH Legislature – GraniteGrok is virtually there. Here?



Vetoes Sustained (22):  HB105, HB106, HB109, HB183, HB198, HB211, HB292, HB293, HB326, HB349, HB365, HB409, HB446, HB504, HB514, HB564, HB582, HB587, HB611, HB645, HB664, HB706
Vetoes Overridden (1): HB364

Here?  There? No matter Livestreaming, baby! If you want to watch yourself, here’s the link.

Today is “Veto Day” and tomorrow is the same.  The House will be “dealing” with all of the bills that Governor Sununu vetoed during the last session. I’ll be watching the NH House session all day to day and putting up the results of any votes that I can hear/see (I’m on rugrat duty given that TMEW is ill).  This post will be updated and bumped during the day as needed.

Right now, they are just going through their Intro Ceremonies bit. Now they’ve actually started.  All votes will be Roll Call votes. A YEA vote means to override the Governor’s veto, a NAY vote means to support the Governor’s veto.

HB105:  Democrats want out-of-State citizens to be able to vote in NH (e.g., “domicile”, “resident”). Again, Horrigan believes that making people follow the law (getting an NH drivers license, registering your car here, et al) is a poll tax.  They are voting now to undo SB3 from last session that finally said “NH voters only”.  Yea: 220     Nay: 156    Veto is sustained.

HB106: Democrats want out-of-State citizens to be able to vote in NH (e.g., “domicile”, “resident”). They are voting now to undo SB3 from last session that finally said “NH voters only”.  Yea:  224     Nay:  158    Veto is sustained.

HB109: Would deny private firearm sales among families and friends unless a background check was done.  You couldn’t even lend a firearm to friend at the range.   Yea:  218     Nay:  162    Veto is sustained.

HB183: Force us to pay higher electrical bills as a subsidy to North Country biomass generation plants. This is NH State Senator Jeb Bradley screwing with the marketplace again.  Yea:  251     Nay:  132    Veto is sustained.

HB198:  against use of mobile electronic devices (that would mean all and not just “don’t text”. Yea:  223     Nay:  157 Veto is sustained.

HB211:  Can employers demand salary history of employment candidates? Yea:  224     Nay:  157 Veto is sustained.

HB292: Brokers fees included in insurance premium tax.  Yea:  225   Nay:  159    Veto is sustained.

HB293: Prevent employers to access employee credit histories.  Yea:  221   Nay:  158    Veto is sustained.

(HP State Rep Cushing: “we have the right to be left alone.”  If ONLY they’d say and DO that for all!)

HB326: Taking away more of private property rights relative to “wetlands” (a “prime” wetland vs an ordinary wetland).  Yea:  223   Nay:  160    Veto is sustained.

HB349: permits state and county prisoners to have a second medical opinion from a licensed health care provider.  Yea:  229   Nay:  155    Veto is sustained.

HB364: Let qualifing patients/caregivers give excess cannibis to other qualified patients/caregivers.  Yea:  259   Nay:  120   Veto is overriden.

HB365: Net Metering – Forcing utilities to pay up to the full retail rate from renewables (like photovoltaics) energy (and not the regular wholesale rate), thus raising our electrical bills.  Yea: 248    Nay:  132   Veto is sustained.

HB409: Allowed local towns/cities to charge even more for auto/truck registration fees for “transportation improvements”.  Yea: 221    Nay:  157 Veto is sustained.

HB446: changing birth certificates to Male, Female, or Non-Binary. Pushes “forward” the Left’s / LGBT agenda item of “gender identity”.  Yea: 230    Nay:  148 Veto is sustained.

HB504: Trying to repeal Citizens United and diminish Free Speech in political matters.  Yea: 221    Nay:  157  Veto is sustained.

HB514FN: Establishes a waiting time from purchase to delivery of a firearm.  Yea: 217    Nay:  163  Veto is sustained.

HB564: stripping 2nd Amendment rights on school grounds from law abiding citizens (and does nothing about criminals that don’t care about laws).   Yea: 216   Nay: 164  Veto is sustained.

HB582: Unelected bureaucrats will set this ‘hidden tax’ (higher electric rates) via RGGI.   Yea: 221   Nay: 157   Veto is sustained.

HB587: Organ donations on a driver’s license.   Yea: 224   Nay:156    Veto is sustained.

HB611: allow voters to vote by absentee ballots without any reason and sets the stage for “ballot harvesting” – a proven method for voter fraud.   Yea:  222 Nay:  157   Veto is sustained.

HB645: You will be required to pay $200 to voluntarily register your dock.   Yea: 219   Nay: 160    Veto is sustained.

HB664: Vehicle repair standards.   Yea: 241   Nay: 132    Veto is sustained.

HB696 – Protective Order for vulnerable adults.   Yea: 217   Nay:  156   Veto is sustained.

HB706 – Representatives wanting to avoid their political duty to do redistricting by shoving off their elected responsibilities some political-by-other-means independent committee.    Yea: 227   Nay:  145  Veto is sustained.