A Small Victory for Liberty - Granite Grok

A Small Victory for Liberty

In an opinion released this morning, the NH Supreme Court reversed an order of the Superior Court that had dismissed a suit brought against the Speaker of the NH House challenging the adoption of a rule that prohibited members of the House from carrying or possessing weapons anywhere in the Statehouse. The putative basis for that dismissal was that the matter was a “political question” in which the Courts should not interfere.

While the state Supreme Court did not reach the constitutionality of the rule being challenged, this does represent a major defeat of the lefties presently in charge of the General Court.

The parties bringing the suit, Representatives John Burt, Kevin Craig, Alicia Lekas, Tony Lekas, and Hershel Nunez, along with their counsel, Dan Hynes of Liberty Legal Services of Manchester, are to be congratulated on their fight for our hard won freedoms.

The opinion in the case of John Burt et a. vs. Speaker of the House of Representatives can be found at https://www.courts.state.nh.us/supreme/opinions/2020/2020050Burt.pdf