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John Kasich’s Gun Rights Veto Overridden by Ohio Legislature

John Kasich

On Christmas Eve we reported on Governor John Kasich’s veto of some bills including “gun-rights” legislation. Kasich was emphatic in his rejection. “If you think I’m going to sign a bill that gives more power to the gun folks, are you kidding me?” The State Legislature wasn’t kidding when they sent it to his desk. 

So they voted to override the veto.

 A bill broadening gun-owner rights has become law in Ohio, after the Republican-led state Legislature overrode GOP Gov. John Kasich’s veto.

The Senate voted 21-11 on Thursday to reject Kasich’s decision to strike down the bill. That followed a House override earlier in the day.

I skimmed through it. It’s mostly about corrections and commissions. Rights of officers. Clarification of preemption. And it is evident that Ohio has more infringements on firearms owners than New Hampshire. But this was a step up for the Buckeye state. A step Kasich didn’t want. He was looking for red flag laws. He also opposed, get this, how the Bill shifted “the burden of proof in self-defense cases from defendants to prosecutors.” A key component of the legislation. The ‘give more power to gun folks section’ Sec. 2901.05.

If every you had doubts about this man’s “credentials” this ought to put the last nail in that coffin. It’s one thing to have to deal with a backward court process that views defendants as criminals before being proven guilty. It is another to be given the opportunity to correct that injustice and reject it.

I didn’t think I could have less respect for the man, but it appears I can.

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