Utilizing Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Concealed Carry

by Wesley Oaks

Have you been thinking about carrying a gun for protection? If you’ve never carried a gun or don’t have a lot of experience with them it can be an odd thing to consider. So, if you’re on the edge about the whole thing this article aims to provide you with the positives reasons why you should conceal carry.

Before we dive into our top 5 reasons for utilizing the 2nd amendment allow me to cover its importance.

What Makes The 2nd Amendment So Important?

Lucky for us we live in the United States where we’re given many freedoms. However, there are also laws being made and changed all the time. If you’ve watched the news and you likely have seen guns becoming a larger topic of an ongoing debate.

There are people out there who believe our rights to gun ownership should be restricted, altered, and harder to do. While that may sound appealing to some with what’s been going on in this country it doesn’t take long to realize it won’t solve any problems.

If you want to keep the freedoms you have then you must exercise them. More people, including you, should be carrying a gun more often. The more people exercising their right to carry a gun will help prevent our 2nd amendment right from being changed.

I believe we need more guns in the hands of good people. Criminals are going to get their guns if they are illegal or not. Stricter laws around the 2nd amendment only make gun ownership more difficult for the law-abiding citizen and it’s your right to protect yourself, family, and property.

Reasons Why We Believe You Should Carry

Being stuck on the fence and deciding to carry a gun is a big deal. Here are 5 benefits to carrying daily.

1 – Your Own Protection

The top reason to choose to conceal carry is for your own safety. It’s easy to think you’ll never be one of those people on the news who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I’m sure those people thought the same thing too.

Learning how to operate a gun and carrying it is the ultimate way to prevent bad situations. It’s the great equalizer because everything like size difference, hand combat knowledge, and strength become less important.

2 – Starting a New Hobby

Once you decide to go through with carrying on a more frequent basis it quickly becomes a new hobby. Your gun becomes a bigger part of your life and you’ll want to learn more about them. It’s also important that it does become a small hobby because you should be educated in using them.

If you’re a beginner my recommendation would be to take lessons from a local gun range. Learn and master the basics of gun safety and shooting. Take advantage of instructors and learn what you can, this will help you be comfortable carrying a gun and, in your ability, to use it if necessary.

3 – Having Confidence

When you’re carrying a gun, it gives you a new level of confidence. Confidence alone can sometimes prevent you from being a victim in certain situations. Criminals look for people they think they can overcome and who appear weaker than them.

Confidence can change your life in many ways and even in the simplest of ways. Take for example walking to your car at night in an unknown place. Has there been a situation like that or maybe another one where you felt uncomfortable? If you were carrying a gun in that same situation would it have changed the way you felt?

4 – Safer Communities

With more people like you carrying guns we will be safer as a whole. If criminals knew everyone inside the place they’re thinking of robbing or attack was carrying a gun they would likely think twice before doing anything.

When something like that does happen there would also be fewer victims if more people had guns. I don’t think we’re ever going to be free of situations involving guns, but I do believe there would be fewer incidents overall.

5 – Exercising Your Rights

Lastly, you should conceal carry because it is your right. No one ever hopes to have to use their gun but if you find yourself in a position where it’s needed you’ll be extremely happy you have one. Without exercising our rights and showing people we need them they’ll fade into a shadow of what they are now.

The best way to keep our freedoms is to use them. Don’t let the privileges we have now be turned into something we won’t recognize, and I hope my reasonings above provide good examples of why we need our 2nd amendment.


This completes my thoughts on the 2nd amendment and concealed carry. If you were someone on the fence about carrying a gun I hope you do decide to exercise your right. It is a big decision but it’s a good one to make for yourself, family, and everyone around you.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading!


Author Bio: Wesley blogs over at Gun Goals, a site dedicated to gun enthusiasts. Check out some of his scope related articles such as this one for the Glock 43 or this one on 1-8x scopes.