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too many amendments

We Have Too Many Amendments Anyway

Biden isn’t even inaugurated yet, but the left is already attempting the complete destruction of First Amendment rights. Dissent comes from free speech and leftists allow only submission and compliance.

Decision making without a grasp of the impact

There’s a Financial Storm Coming

Taxation is a weapon of government. Taxes directly affect the well-being of every American. Taxes are a necessary evil. We do need to fund a limited constitutional government. But what does that mean? What should our system of taxation look like?

Israel Flag

Israel Is Unique in the History of Socialism

Israel is unique in the history of socialism. It is the only nation where socialism was considered successful for a while. The original settlers of Israel came largely from Eastern Europe. They sought to create an economy in which market forces were controlled for the benefit of the whole society.

Bridge swamp

Biden Transition … A Slide Toward Regulatory Hell

Should Joe Biden actually take control the U.S. economy is going to change direction. A Biden Administration will attempt to unleash the executive branch agencies. The agencies themselves expect Biden will be hands-off. The result will be a regulatory free for all.