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DISQUS Doodlings – Every Societal Ill REQUIRES More Government.


It’s getting to be shopworn. Eco-Socialists are no different than Democratic Socialists are no different than regular Socialists. Every problem must be elevated to be immediate, a clear danger to everyone everywhere (and women and children hurt the most).

This time, TreeHugger is trying to make the same old claim that “Climate Change” is immediate and that we have to immediately put all of Society onto a war-time footing to solve it. In fact, the post’s title demonstrates the Socialist age-old technique of comparing what they REALLY want to call a crisis to another perceived crisis in the public eye (because of the “whipping up” by the Left and its minions in the media):

Climate Crisis Needs Same Drastic Response As the Pandemic, Study Says
Climate monitoring should mirror the real-time data issued during the pandemic

Ahead of the COP26 conference which will take place in Glasgow later this year, researchers from The Centre for Climate Justice at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland, in collaboration with the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance and academic partners in Africa have released a report recommending governments regularly review and report loss of life and damage caused by the impact of our climate crisis.1 They argue the approach should mirror the real-time data issued during the pandemic. Since this may help people recognize the urgency of the situation when it comes to the climate crisis—and get a true picture of the devastating impacts of global warming.

Yeah, this is on the same rigor as Obama’s “jobs saved” during the Great Recession of a decade ago – a statistic that was more fantasy than reality because it couldn’t be proven – HOW would you know that a job was saved when a given entity wasn’t even affected by the G.R.? You can easily count a job lost or a job gained but one that has been, is, and continues going forward?

Political posturing. Just like the above quote. You see study after study that the Warmists can tell how many extra deaths there will be over the next 10, 50, 100 years even as the “Climate Chaos” models are just that – chaos. None of them are modeling reality to any degree of accuracy – but the True Believers continue forward.  And in and from every angle, only one thing is constant:

We must all turn our lives over to Jesus Government for salvation against a Terror worse than anything else we can think of.

Although I can – overreaching Government trying to burst out of its “Lane” – I’m trying to tell Socialists that?

Not with a lot of success but hey, if you don’t at least walk onto the field of the Arena of Ideas, you’ve already lost. Our kindred friend, Vindaloo Bugaboo (one of the BEST DISQUS handles EVAH!) takes the opening shot at the premise of the entire post (emphasis mine):

[They] have released a report recommending governments regularly review and report loss of life and damage caused by the impact of our climate crisis.Crisis

Assuming the real-time reporting initiative takes off as desired, how long will it be before computer modeling is used to adjust deaths and costs to past climate-related events such as floods, droughts, and tropical cyclones?

They emphasized that the pandemic and the climate emergency can not be addressed as a separate crisis.

Of course they can’t—it’s rule #1 for Marxist ideologues like Rahm Emanuel who, in 2009 said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.

One key recommendation also involves industrialized nations committing higher levels of financial support and technology transfer to countries in the developing world.

And of course, there is push-pull “I always win because I set the rules of the debate” framing by the Left that VB points out well:

Contribute, and be accused of imperialism; don’t contribute, and be accused of heartless indifference. These are the same nations with the highest birth rates on the planet and highest dependence on foreign aid for basic GDP necessities. Since more humans = more resource demand, can one argue there’s an ethical or moral principle behind the artificial sustainment of a fundamentally unsustainable people and their system of government?

Another lesson to be learned is when you see one of our friends “taking it to them”, offer support and buttressing to them. So, taking my own advice, I did (reformatted, emphasis mine):

EVERYTHING that Progressives (you know, the Socialists that still can’t bring themselves to admit what they are) want MUST be on a war time footing. EVERYTHING is a crisis and the only answer is…..wait for it…..


And more government in every aspect of our lives. Go ahead and try to change my mind using a rational argument that the ONLY solution is more Government control and less Individual Freedom. More decisions that Government will make and far less than you can make. We’re already on the slippery slide now – just take that tiny little aspect of taking a shower.

You could choose to buy and install an ultra low flow showerhead – Government mandated it: you have no choice in the matter. Trump changed the regulation, believing that even ordinary people (and just not the Rich that Lloyd so bitterly hates) could choose a flow that would be more to their liking, lifestyle, AND to their local environment. Biden’s bureaucrats are now reversing even that small bit of freedom of choicetaking control back into the Government’s domain. And that’s just one small tiny issue.

Just, then, multiply it by the thousands or more decisions that Centralized Government Planners will continue to take on the Great Mind Fallacy that they know better than you do.

Everything is a crisis – and conservatives <or insert other groups of people her> are being Othered. We’ve seen this many times before when Government wants to do something.

Trump was called an autocrat for, from my perspective, merely a political reason and gain. But he did take Power away from Government.

Biden, here in the States, is now doing the opposite by centralizing decision making back into Government. Isn’t that really being autocratic?

We see the exact same debating exercise used in the Critical Race Theory space: Be our definition of what an Anti-Racist is or you are a racist. And, oh by the way, if you dare argue that you aren’t a Racist, well, you actually are one.  Lose-lose by controlling the framing and the definition of words. Don’t fall into that trap and refuse to use their language. As a famous Socialist / Alynsky-ite who lived at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for a few years once said, sometimes ya gotta punch back twice as hard. But you can’t do that if you aren’t willing to stand up, walk over to those that want to take your kids Liberties and Freedoms away, and punch back twice as hard.

Saddle up, partners, and get your heads into the game!

Oh, just to add – I should be doing more of this from this TreeHugger post – VB and I both had a number of comments moderated out of existence.