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Voter-Fraud in New Hampshire is Getting Worse … Not Better

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… and this:

The law in New Hampshire is that by voting (declaring domicile) in New Hampshire, any nonresident … INCLUDING COLLEGE STUDENTS … has declared residency in New Hampshire. In other words, college students attending school in New Hampshire can vote in New Hampshire elections, BUT if they do they have made themselves residents of New Hampshire.

The problem is … from the linked article in the first screenshot … that nonresident college students intend to NOT follow the law:

Dartmouth student Will Frohlich, 19, also said he registered to vote in Hanover during last year’s midterm election. Voting on Tuesday, he said, was a “quick and easy process.” 

Frohlich, a Washington state native, added that he’s still not sure whether he will have to obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license.

“I guess we’ll see in the upcoming weeks,” he said.

Frolich is violating the law. He was required to obtain a New Hampshire’s driver license within 60 days of voting in 2019.

The Concord Monitor … a #FakeNews mouthpiece for the New Hampshire Democrats … argues that it is NOT Voter-Fraud for nonresidents to vote in New Hampshire and then willfully ignore the law:

Actually, Mr. DeWitt, it is Voter-Fraud. The intent of the law is to restrict voting to New Hampshire residents – BOTH existing residents and newly declared … by voting in New Hampshire … residents. If you vote in New Hampshire with no intention of meeting your responsibilities as a resident of New Hampshire … and presenting yourself to the world as still a resident of another State … you are committing Voter-Fraud.

Worse, DeWitt is essentially encouraging nonresidents to violate the law by telling them (1) you probably won’t get caught and (2) if you do it’s just a motor vehicle violation:

DeWitt in an article accompanying his tweets does get to the root of the problem. Governor Sununu is NOT actively enforcing the law:

No signage was posted outside the polls directly relating to it, election officials weren’t talking about it unless asked and multiple students interviewed after voting said they did not know about the law. 

Part of the dearth of information at the polls on the new residency obligations for first-time voters was a result of a policy by the Secretary of State’s office. 

In federal court, that office and the Attorney General’s office initially argued that because car registrations relate to motor vehicle laws, town election officials are not required or even encouraged to tell voters about them. Voters should get information from the Division of Motor Vehicles or relevant town officials, state officials have said.

While the Attorney General’s office belatedly addressed the law:

More recently, state officials modified that stance. At a press conference the week before the election, Attorney General Gordon MacDonald said that the Department of Justice had posted a lengthy set of FAQs on its website. Election workers were asked to review that information and be ready to provide it at the polls. 

Election workers in Democrat college towns are NOT telling nonresident college students that by voting in New Hampshire they are declaring residency in New Hampshire:

“Our understanding is that whether or not they vote today, registering to vote and voting has nothing to do with what they’re going to do 60 days from now,” said Shump.

“It’s their job to know the law,” she added. 

It should have been mandatory that newly registered voters be informed IN WRITING that by voting in New Hampshire they are declaring themselves residents of New Hampshire and have to obtain New Hampshire driver’s licenses and register their cars in New Hampshire AND this information should have been prominently posted at every polling place for the edification of previously registered voters.

The posting of FAQs on the Attorney General’s website is woefully … and perhaps willfully … inadequate. It also bears noting that the Attorney General … to my knowledge … has taken no action against the New Hampshire Democrats for posting misinformation on their website, that nonresident college students can vote in New Hampshire and remain residents of their home States:

So while Governor Sununu, his Attorney General and the Secretary of State are at best giving lip service to the law, the Democrats and their allies such as Tom Steyer’s Next Generation:

are pushing Voter-Fraud … SUCCESSFULLY.

Looks to me like we are headed toward another 2016 in 2020 … the GOP candidates get a majority of the votes of real residents but the Democrats win because of nonresident voters (by “nonresident” I am referring to college students who have declared their residency in New Hampshire by voting in New Hampshire but do not intend to comply with the law).

Ball is in your court, Governor Sununu.