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Golden Book AOC Racism

Notable Quote – Equity does not mean Equality

“[E]quity,” (is) a euphemism for racial, gender and other discrimination. It’s the opposite of equal opportunity, it’s demanding equal results even if it means discriminating against some people on the basis of race, ethnicity or other immutable factors.

Fainting Woman

Female Democrats Complain Over Being Treated….. EQUALLY

File this in the ‘you can’t make this stuff up’ folder folks. Female Democrat Representatives Jan Schmidt and Rosemarie Rung (two of the worst reps at the NH State House) are complaining for being treated….. seriously… not even kidding… EQUALLY. They apparently don’t like to be held accountable, as elected officials, for their votes, actions …

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American flag cracks

Shaking our Faith in the “American creed”

Watching TV this weekend, the contrasts could not have been more shocking to the human conscience. Hoodlum anarchist Gen-Z’ers and Millennials looting and rioting across America in supposed “protest” to the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on one hand.

Was Malthus correct?

Was Malthus Correct After All?

Thomas Robert Malthus is known for the assertion: Population grows geometrically while food production grows arithmetically. Yeah, I know, it just ain’t so. So why bring it up, right?