We Are in a Struggle for the Very Soul and Being of Western Civilization - Granite Grok

We Are in a Struggle for the Very Soul and Being of Western Civilization

This election is about western civilization.

Is it true that to have a pathway into politics one needs to be rich or to know rich people? Or is it possible to have the acuity to identify a unique window of opportunity and capitalize on it? Is this new or has this always been the American system?

The requirements of success in all cases are static. They are opportunity plus passion plus a willingness to do the work to gain popular backing.

Today we are in a struggle for the very soul and being of western civilization. We are engaging in a culture war in America. There are different visions for how a society should be structured. We are asking: What does freedom mean? What does equality mean? What does justice mean? These are terms classical liberals do take for granted. They, classical liberals, are under attack at their base.

The defenders of classical liberals are conservatives. Classical liberals are facing attack and destruction from the left in America. Today’s Democrats are Marxists and Islamists masquerading as classical liberals. These terms are basic to the foundation of the country. They are being redefined by the left.  This election really is boiling down to the battle for our culture. What culture do we want to live with moving forward?

Rights, freedom, equality, and justice

Do we have a culture that values our rights? Do we value freedom? Can we accept one definition of equality and make it a value? Can we agree on a definition of justice and make it a value? Do we want limited government? Do we have limiting principles?

Or are we a people who simply wants things and will do anything to get those things? If there are no limiting principles things can be redefined rather radically. This is what the Left is, what it wants and where it would lead us. It summarizes what Leftism is about. American are going to choose Leftism or we the nation is going to change direction in this election.

Today’s Democrats started decades ago with well-intentioned classical liberalism. But today’s Democrat is leftist and by definition Leftism is corrupt, always. Marxists and Islamists do make common cause. Think of it as a bootleggers and Baptists commonality of struggle. They are working together though their end goals do not not align. Both groups want to end western civilization.

We need to teach people the foundations of what makes a country successful. Our Judeo Christian values which form the basis of western civilization need to be passed to the next generation. We need to understand so we can teach enlightenment ideals.

Human nature

The Left believes the government can and will form and mold human nature. It will give an endless amount of power to some group of elites. Those elites can reason their way to any outcome. This is simply their belief structure. It is what has led us to being controlled by an unelected unaccountable bureaucracy. How well is it working right now?

Conservatives have a much more tempered view. They believe in limited government. One where the structures of our institutions can limit the worst tendencies of human nature. But always for conservatives, the freedom and primacy of the individual must be preserved.

Our greatest danger is not understanding who and what is our enemy is. Our enemy is the changed definitions of freedom, equality, justice, rights, and limiting principles. This is very different than what political battles of the recent past have been about.

In the recent past the apparent political battles were framed as differences more about form than substance. Today we are in a civilizational struggle. Conservatism knows: human nature does not change. Humans have a propensity for enlightened self interest.  We may acknowledge and even aspire to do what is noble. Humans however are not by nature good. This election is about western civilization because as America goes so will all free nations.