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Floating Wind farm

BBC: Wind Power is Destroying the Planet

The BBC, an otherwise reliable cog in the globalist green energy agenda, is in a tizzy. It seems they’ve discovered a common material used in Green Energy infrastructure produces 23,500 times as much warming as CO2.

Recycling nature waste green earth

Is Recycling a “Waste” of Time?

Recycling is a thing. Plastic, glass, paper, metal, cardboard. But it’s not a carbon neutral thing. It is carbon intensive. And while “removing it” from the waste stream may save tipping fees for your local municipality,  if you think you are saving the planet, you’re not.

Shoes screw hazard boot

The Turning of a Liberal Screw

We like to remind our readers about the complicated relationship Democrats have with the truth. Like, all lawful gun-owners are criminals, and they’ll prove it just as soon as they pass enough laws to make that true. Another excellent example comes to us from Mark Steyn.