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Pacific Ocean Plastic Garbage Patch Kids Come Back (Essentially) Empty Handed

Ocean Plastic Garbage Patch Kids

Is there “plastic in the ocean? Yes. Is it the ecological catastrophe advertised? Nothing ever is, so please learn this and live it. Every single emotional plea or legislative exercise from the left is to solve one and only one problem. You having more control over how your money is spent than the government.

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Nothing that your legislators, NGOs, activists, or the government have planned will make a whit of a difference except to take your money or your rights (or life’s conveniences) out of your control to give it to them.

Example. Every piece of “garbage” legislation in the US (and here in New Hampshire) aimed at reducing plastic waste is itself a waste. A supermajority of plastic waste in our oceans comes from Asia. Banning straws and bags in land-locked Hanover, New Hampshire may make Dartmouth feel #woke and conscientious, but it will do nothing to solve a problem that, frankly, doesn’t even exist.

It’s not hard to work out. Stakeholders and their political puppets are the only ones crying foul. Even a massive three-month expedition to clean up the mythical island of plastic garbage in the Pacific came up empty.

Remember: there is supposed to be an island size floating mass of plastic trash we can’t see from space, that “environmental experts” on a big boat cannot find. It reminds me of the annual pilgrimage of ice-free arctic sightseers who need to be rescued every year when their ship gets locked in ice.

The Left’s Mythical Plastic “White Whale”

The Ocean Cleanup Project is back from its first mission.

It hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing, but The Ocean Cleanup is now calling an end to a first successful mission to collect plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, today showing off the pile of trash on the shores of Vancouver.

Ocean Plastic Garbage Patch Kids

I’ve no objection to private money cleaning the Ocean. By all means get donors, finance your gig, and have at it. But that’s not exactly an island. In fact, you could easily find more plastic or other trash in the average garage. 

This is the only picture I can find of their “Haul” and it’s sadder than you think. They took a large ship out for three months and this is it.  You get a few “I’m Ready for my Close-Up Mr. Demille” shots of a few plastic bottles (at a dramatic angle) but nothing to write home about.

There are no panoramic images of the mythical floating plantations of plastic trash sweeping off to the horizon. But if such a creature existed we’d have pictures and everyone on the planet would have seen them. 

Put another way, what was the carbon footprint of the expedition and what were the results?

Like all left Wing exercises, I’m calling this another net negative from the perspective of the environmental movement (like this one from yesterday).

An agenda that needs to stop wasting energy to sell us on what is nothing more than an economic program to advance socialism. Which, once imposed, will have to cut funding and air cover for all these green-eye candy programs to feed the giant growing island of bulls**t that keeps the elites in power at the expense of everyone and everything else.

An “island” that will consume more energy and produce more waste than anything yet seen in human history.