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NH Democrat Refuses to Say She Is Proud of Her Votes to Raise Your Taxes and Fees

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I don’t spend much time on Twitter, but Merrimack State Rep Rosemarie Rung (It’s an attack!) had some thoughts to share. It was an opportunity to ask her to publicly stand behind her votes for new taxes or tax increases. She would not do it.

It started when I replied to this comment from Representative Rung.

Rung Twitter Taxes - hit piece

Feel free to look for the “hate” yourself, but here’s my response. 

Rung Twitter my gibberish

We proceeded to run a gamut of Left-wing redirects to move me off-topic (shared here in no particular order).  Ms. Rung ridiculed my spelling which is not an unusual response when they want to distract but an odd remark for someone who claimed earlier that she does not read my gibberish.

There were plenty of references to my reputation in town (presumably among Democrats) as a peddler of hate. I guess that’s their internal narrative. If sharing your voting record is hate it works for me. 

Rung in the new year

And Democrat Rosemarie Rung has a reputation for raising taxes, voting to ban useful everyday convenience items, trying to give illegal aliens a NH driver’s license, and supporting non-resident ballot box stuffing. I wonder what would happen if I asked her to stand behind that? Maybe we could deflect to Easter or new recipes on the Food Network?

In another effort to distract, Ms. Rung suggested I bring my work to a local pastor. Is Pastor Ron Moore acceptable? He’s former Rep. Josh Moore’s dad. Disclosure: I’ve interviewed him and he is going to be providing some content for GraniteGrok. But he is a pastor in town.

Then there’s the Christmas spirit, which is about giving not taking. A bit of a contrast to her voting record which requires taking from taxpayers by force before the government can do any “giving.”

Democrat Representative Rung also offered to pray for me, for which I am genuinely thankful.

There’s more, but it’s all the same schtick. Representative Rung would not state in clear language that she is proud of her votes to increase taxes and fees on the people of Merrimack, or New Hampshire.

Rung wont defend her votes 1

Rung wont defend her votes 2

Rung wont defend her votes 3

Rung wont defend her votes 4

Rung wont defend her votes 5

Rung wont defend her votes 6

Not happening…

 Rep. Rung can’t or won’t champion her own tax-hiking record because the voters in Merrimack will have the last word and she wants to get re-elected. 

Shining a light on her use of power is described as hate, the messenger as having a reputation for attacking that representative and inciting hatred. Asking her to stand behind those votes is bullying and harassment.

Ms. Rung, with all honesty, if anyone has ever threatened your person or home or family because I have shared your public comments or votes, I would use this platform to speak out against them.  Send me the evidence, and I will gladly get to work investigating that claim and reporting on it here.

In truth, given that you can’t seem to see your name in print on these pages without labeling it an attack, I suspect there is some hyperbole at play. But the offer stands. I will not tolerate threats or violence linked to anything I’ve ever said about anyone. I am not responsible for their behavior but I will happily expose it.

But I have to tell you something. Your office exists for but one purpose. To be a voice in Concord that represents the interests of the voters who sent you. If you can’ stand behind every exercise of that authority to those voters, you are not representing them, and your refusal to say as much proves it.

One more point. After our exchange ended, Rep. Rosemarie Rung has muted me on twitter. Why not just block me? Or are you hoping the bill proposed by your snowflake buddies will somehow turn my asking you questions about your public record into a crime?

Rung mutes me so I can't ask her why she wont answer the questions

Venom is in the eye of the record-dodging Democrat in an otherwise Republican town.

You can follow my “venom” and the entire thread on Twitter @nhstevemacd.