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Jeanne Shaheen: Caught Between Re-election and the Green New Deal

Jeanne shaheen

I can’t count how many articles we’ve published on the topic of Greene Jeanne Shaheen. She’s been at the forefront of regurgitating climate-cult junk-science for most of her political career. But what have you done for them lately? Not enough. Left-Wing Climate cultists are protesting outside her Nashua office on Monday.

New Hampshire’s Senior prognosticator of calamities, none of which has come to pass our could, is under fire from her environmental left. For refusing to jump up and down like Ann Kuster at the SOTU over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ psychotic green break from reality.

AOC calls it the Green New Deal. It’s all the climate cult garbage with some fresh socialist stink added. The whole globalist redistributive “feed the government, Seymore feed me” in one package. With plenty of impossible stupid added in for good measure. And Shaheen doesn’t want to take a bite? Not yet, at least. 

“It’s Hard to Get to Shaheen’s Left -But Here They Are…”

The protest is being organized by Jennifer Morten a local open-borders (and everything else) leftist.

Protest sponsors include Sunrise, (The Sunrise Movement). Sunrise is another national monied far-left “non-profit” claiming to be non-partisan. But it’s founders have ties to fossil-fuel divestment initiatives, anti-capitalist movements, the Sierra Club and even Brack Obama (please pardon the exponential redundancy). They only support Democrats and Democrat initiatives.  The Green New Deal is their Holy Grail.

Shaheen may rightly see her embrace of such a toxic plan as an invitation to her own political retirement party. is an extreme left green movement founded by Bill McKibben who, “Believes that American “hyper-individualism” and consumerism corrupt both the environment and humanity,” and “Promotes the notion that anthropogenic global warming will result in environmental catastrophe.”

The other sponsors are no less extreme. People’s Action. Justice Democrats. CPD Action and the Organic Consumers Association

Their”collective” goal is to pressure Ms. Shaheen into embracing AOC’s Green New Deal. The problem for New Hampshire’s senior Democrat senator is that she is a) running for office again in 2020 b) in the Senate minority and c) adding her support will significantly harm her chances at re-election despite having insane amounts of money and political capital.

As Michael Graham noted here,

New Hampshire Democrats are going to face a choice: According to polling, climate change isn’t a top priority for voters as a whole. As recently as January 2016, only seven percent of New Hampshire Democratic primary voters ranked “climate change” as their top issue, far behind the economy, foreign policy, and health care.

And a recent national poll by AP/University of Chicago found that only 57 percent of Americans would be willing to pay an additional $1 per month to fight climate change. A significant minority, 43 percent weren’t willing to pay anything at all.

And while all the Democrat presidential contenders are embracing it, they are all diving left to pander to the Democrat primary voting base. Voters that are much different from the rest of the electorate.

Gut Check – Is It Worth the Cost of Losing Re-Election?

Average Americans care even less than ‘New Hampshire Democrats’ about “climate change.” And New Hampshire is more than one-third independent voters. Yes, they vote for Democrat members of Congress. Yes, they swept Dems into power in state-wide offices (except for Governor). But they are just as likely to sweep the other way in 2020 and take her with them.

If Shaheen or any of the other Congressional New Hampshire Democrats (Pappas seems the only one poised to drink the green Kool-Aid without regard to his reelection chances) put that Albatross around their necks, it could follow them all the way to the polls in November 2020.

As the LA Rams can tell you. If you have to be on defense that long, it starts to wear you out. And then you lose.

All I can say is, protest away!