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If a Leftist Yells “Forest Fire!” In a Crowded Social Media Group Show Them This


It has become an annual tradition. Dry season equals forest fires equals leftists blaming CO2 (and your reckless lifestyle) for burning acreage. It’s not true, but never more so than this year. At least, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

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The site tracks reports of burnt acreage annually and keeps records. Useful data to have when the Neiman Marxist leaps to the nearest microphone to blame white men and their abundant affordable energy for the “raging wildfires” or something.

It is as predictable as the dry season.

Crisis no Crisis

Remember, “never let a crisis go to waste?” That’s evolved into everything is a crisis so never let a crisis go to waste. At least until the new media shows up to put out that fire. So, here we go.

While the news from California sounds awful, and for people trapped in that left-coast socialist kingdom, I’m sure it is, total burn acreage nationwide is way down in 2019.

Forest Fire burn acreage table 2009 - 2019

It’s not even close to the ten-year average for the same span of time. And the trend is that there’s no trend. Some years we have more some less, regardless of the amount of CO2 we emit. And America has been cutting back on emissions unlike those Paris Accord fools and their stupid wealth redistribution scheme.

Our wealth. But we skipped out.

Now they can’t afford to do much after driving their economies into the big green energy ditch and it ridiculous tax supports and outrageously high rates for power. A stupid idea that California and Exeter New Hampshire still support.

California is on fire because of poor forest management courtesy of environmentalists and endless liberal rule.  Exeter passed an ordinance giving them the right to a healthy climate.

It entitles them to the right to a healthy climate system capable of sustaining human societies. Translated this means blocking any effort that could allow other people to survive the average New England winter.

Exeter wants to be like California where the wildfires have to keep you warm because the electricity is turned off. 

A veritable left-wing paradise.

Someone should elect some Republicans in that town. And in California. Do them both a world of good.