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NH Democrats Are Giving Unelected Bureaucrats the Power To Raise Taxes

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We should love it when the Left shows us who they are. They want to tax the crap out of you to pay for their incompetent big government fantasies, but they don’t want to suffer the potential electoral consequences. This year they’re trying to do that not once but twice.

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The transportation Climate Initiative would hand taxing power to an unelected committee that would raise gas taxes whenever it decided that needed to happen and funnel these ill-gotten gains to ruling class yahoos in Concord. 

House Bill 1664 would create a special bureaucracy inside the state Department of Environmental Services with the ability to define what was to be taxed, how much, and how often. 

I asked State Rep. Michael Vose about the Bill. He sits on the NH House Committee on Science, Technology, and Energy, which will pass initial judgment on the proposal.

Humans have a terrible track record of predicting the future. We cannot predict the weather with accuracy beyond 10 days so how could we possibly predict what the climate will do in the next 100 years. HB1664 may be the worst bill introduced into the legislature in its history, and would strip NH citizens of their freedom and economic security.

Whether you agree with Rep. Vose, me, or anyone else on the issue of human impact on the globe or a politician’s ability to legislate it away through the bureaucracy (and any amount of someone else’s money), you should agree with this. Taxing power should not be established in the hands of those whom you as the taxpayer have no power to elect or remove from office.

While I disagree with the politics and the so-called science behind Global Warming (Climate Change), that’s not the biggest issue. The matter before us is this. A party (Democrats) obsessed with finding ways to take your money to finance their interests wants to give that taxing power to like-minded bureaucrats who have both a vested financial and political interest in the proposition.

Rising tax revenues invite the opportunity for both raising their wages and the expansion of their departmental authority. In exchange (let’s call it a quid pro quo) these bureaucrats overwhelmingly vote for the politicians who promote that.

Democrats not only want to take more of your money (remember, there is no such thing as ‘enough’) they want to be able to disavow responsibility by handing it off to unelected bureaucrats.

Twice, so far, in this legislative session, alone.

I’d be surprised if there are not more examples we’ve yet to uncover. Until then we need to ensure that neither of these proposals ever finds its way into law.