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NH Dems Look Left (Toward Vermont) For Ways to Waste Your Money


If you are looking for ways to waste money the Left’s elected Climate Cultists are leading the charge. Legislating solutions to problems they have manufactured. Issues that, if real, would be better handled by an encouraged free-market than bureaucratic force. Just look to our left for Proof.

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Whatever went wrong with Vermont, there may be no coming back (maybe). But that doesn’t mean New Hampshire should leap down the same hole. It is bottomless. But Democrats are committed to laundering as much of your money through the government as they can to give the appearance that they can fill it.

And fill it with more ways to waste your money.

Climate Fraud is a scam built for this purpose. It diverts critical resources to ridiculous purposes based on an entirely false pretense – that if there was an issue with the climate and that mankind was to blame that their incompetent government could fix it.

Vermont has passed a bunch of mandates that New Hampshire Democrats are drooling to advance in the Granite State. So, how’s that working out for Vermont?   The state is spending about 200 million dollars a year on a basket of deplorable climate policies. Rob Roper at True North Reports breaks down the failures.

  • This is twice as much as we spend annually repairing our roads (about $100 million).
  • It’s four times as much we spend protecting and cleaning our waterways (about $50 million).
  • It’s eight times as much as we spend to support our state colleges (about $25 million).
  • It’s roughly equal to our annual public pension liability, which is considered to be in crisis.
  • It’s more money than we generate through the entire rooms & meals tax ($175 million),
  • [A]nd about half of all we generate through the sales & use tax (around $400 million).

The actual impact (we’ll stoop to calling it a benefit) to the mission of improving the environment is negligible and may be detrimental. Every action of the state increases its carbon footprint (if that sort of thing matters to you). And the majority of the technologies or projects they suggest are better or cleaner need bailouts, cost more, deliver less ROI, and are an environmental nightmare to handle at their end of life.

In other words, their environmental vanguard for remaking America into a socialist economy is bad for you, your family, your job, liberty, the economy, and the environment.

Over here, to the right of Vermont, our Democrat Socialists introduced a climate action plan of their own. It’s a mess of taxes, regulations, and infringements that will rob us, and make life more expensive and less comfortable, so they can virtue signal on climate policy.

Look! We screwed our citizens over for nothing too!

Not only that, these policies deter or prevent energy and transportation innovations that actually lower costs, improve overall tax revenue, and reduce emissions.

Natural gas and nuclear would solve all their so-called problems. Good look finding support for either in any progressive policy from the left. In fact, odds are good their plan walks away from those.

Voters and Taxpayers need to walk away from them and their bad ideas. 

Vermont is proof of the poison. They’ve already gone down this road getting back will difficult, maybe impossible. Wouldn’t it be nice if New Hampshire could protect our little island of liberty in New England’s seas of encroaching socialism? Give business owners, consumers, and liberty-minded citizens a place to which they could escape?

But you have to vote to keep it that way.