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Abortions are Magical?

The Democrat’s mystical death cult meets “The Party of Science™.”  Ignore biology (science) in pursuit of fantasy. That interfering with the development of a child is not murder. It is not Eugenics. It is a magical event celebrated on t-shirts, in parades, and on candles.

What’s 5% of 4 Billion?

Answer:  The amount of money George Lucas saves by selling Lucasfilm now instead of waiting until 2013 when the long term capital gains tax on the sale of assets held more than one year rises from 15% to 20%. And Lucas is already a liberal-hypocrite-weenie so don’t expect him to invest the difference in a …

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Media Millions

While the 99% and the Democrats are bashing bankers for not sharing their wealth, take a look at the people running media and entertainment.  (Just to give you a baseline, the most well paid “banker” had 21 million in compensation in the same year.) Les Moonves, the CEO of CBS Corp. (CBS), was paid $69.9 …

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ABC Cancels GCB – Too Much Competition from DCB?

ABC Canceled GCB.  (That’s the family Friendly Disney/ABS’c short-lived controversial program about so-called Christian women who do not behave according the The Word.)  Who among us is without sin?  ABC certainly cannot claim otherwise. While I’m sure GCB could have played well enough in the coast cities and liberal ghettos, it must–after all–be a show …

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