It's what the Left does - normalize what used to be taboo to accept their even worse - Granite Grok

It’s what the Left does – normalize what used to be taboo to accept their even worse

No TabooComparisons, comparisons.  First, go back and read this.  Remember, the media ‘fessed up to “normalizing” homosexuality.

Now this:  Bernie Sanders Says Liberals Are Turning the “Radical” into the “Mainstream.”

And now this:  Drag queen superheroes show — ‘Super Drags’ — coming to Netflix: ‘They’re going to save the world’

So, normalizing Socialism and Communism.  Now add to that which  used to be considered to be depraved behavior – and we Normals aren’t to say a thing or be labeled RACISTs or HOMOPHOBES, or DEPLORABLES or IRREDEEMABLES (did I forget the word BIGOT! ?).  Stigma – a word that has had its meaning pretty much neutered.  Depravity is in, church going and traditionally moral people out.  Fun-cations (complements of unemployment – trust me, it ain’t) in, hard work out. Responsibility is out, blaming others is in.  America bashing in, pro-America out; you get the picture (and I keep coming back to this over and over because it does seem that the America I grew up in is being deliberately and methodically destroyed.

So when all what used to be praised and held to be of value, what happens?

Andrew Breitbart was right: “Politics is downstream from culture”.  Change the culture and anything is possible in politics.  Back to Bernie – Self-Responsibility is out, taking from the Makers is in. The Founding Fathers values are now out, Karl Marx is now in.  See how easy this is since the Frankfurt School and the ideas of Gramsci were planted, cared for, and grown?

Constitution is out – Communist Manifesto is in. Limited Government (and the idea that it can’t do things to you) is out, All encompassing Government that MUST provide everything for you is in. That is, until we realize that Margaret Thatcher was right: until you run out of other peoples’ money. Like Venezuela and every socialist / communist society before it.  Like every “commune” that has ever been started in America – failed.

The idea that one can self-govern themselves is out; Progressives demand that only external laws are only that which count.  Bureaucrats pile on more regulations (with the force of Law) in telling us what our new morality (the way we MUST behave) will be. Even they ignore the Constitution – “Not my job” they say (Progressives and the Proper Role of Government).

“Feelz” is in, thinking and knowing history….you know what’s next and what WILL happen next if this continues.  This just gives more credence to the line “If you don’t believe in God, you’ll believe in anything”. And God is out, too. When the goal is just to go and be out there “further and further” to prove an aimless point, where’s the stopping point? If all taboos have been broken, what happens to “internal governance” when nothing is frowned upon – except when you bring Political Correctness (aka, cultural Marxism) to the fore in which what is “right” changes all the time.  That’s the point – when things are everchanging, you are expected to believe things that you know to be wrong. You are expected to believe EVERYTHING all the time.

And the Left is using that tactic to kneecap what used to be a rather Civil Society for their political agenda.

Polygamy is getting to be old hat with media talking about it all the time and TV shows. So, what’s next, incest (seemingly on its way) and pedophilia (the folks at NAMBLA already working on it)?  After all, somebody out there wants to “shock” the rest of us Normals with their “Enlightenment”.

Sorry, you don’t KNOW what that word really means.