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Rep. Nicole Klein Knight’s (At Best) Appalling Ignorance

Kyle Rittenhouse (on th eground) Screen grab video care of NYP

As a preliminary matter, I am aware that Rep. Nicole’s tweet appeared in a post by another author regarding her and other NH-Democrats’ reactions to the Rittenhouse verdict. But I think it is worth taking a deeper look at Rep. Nicole’s tweet.


To begin with, it appears that Rep. Nicole may not have even watched any of the trial. The three men shot in self-defense by Kyle Rittenhouse were all white.

The tweet that Rep. Nicole retweeted and commented on links to a piece in the hard-left HuffPost. The HuffPost piece omits … obviously deliberately … that the three men were white in order to create the false impression that racial animus was present:

Rittenhouse shot three men, killing two, during protests that erupted in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last summer following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man.

Perhaps Rep. Nicole’s “understanding” of what transpired is based only on what she read in the HuffPost and read/saw in other hard-left media?

I watched parts the trial. Here is what the UNDISPUTED FACTS were:

The first man shot by Kyle Rittenhouse was Rosenbaum. Previously, Rosenbaum had threatened to kill Kyle with a chain that Rosenbaum was wielding. Later, when Kyle was on his way to extinguish a fire in a car lot, he was ambushed and cornered by Rosenbaum, who attempted to seize Kyle’s rifle. Kyle then shot Rosenbaum in self-defense.

After shooting Rosenbaum in self-defense, Kyle was pursued by a mob howling for his death, and knocked to the ground and attacked. Kyle shot Huber who was smashing Kyle’s head with a skateboard, and Grosskreutz, who pointed a handgun that he was illegally carrying, at Kyle.

At no point was Kyle ever the aggressor. Every action he took was defensive. Had he not taken these actions, he likely would have been killed or suffered life-threatening damages.

Before comparing these UNDISPUTED FACTS to the HuffPost piece that apparently informs Rep Nicole, a little background on the three men shot.

Rosenbaum was a convicted pedophile. Huber was convicted in a felony strangulation case. And Grosskreutz was illegally carrying the handgun that he pointed at Kyle.

And now let’s look at the “facts” presented by HuffPost:

“Rittenhouse first shot and killed 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum, who was unarmed but chasing Rittenhouse during a confrontation, video played at the trial showed.” As noted above, it was undisputed that the pedophile had previously threatened to kill Kyle with a chain, and was attempting to seize Kyle’s AR-15.

Several people attempted to stop Rittenhouse, who testified he was running to find police. Anthony Huber, 26, hit Rittenhouse with his skateboard in an attempt to stop him. Rittenhouse fired his gun, shooting Huber once in the chest and killing him. As noted above, the mob chasing Kyle was howling for his death and felon Huber did not just “hit Rittenhouse with his skateboard” he was hitting him in the head, which could have killed him or given him brain damage.

Rittenhouse also shot paramedic Gaige Grosskreutz, who was wounded. Grosskreutz was also armed with a gun, but he testified that his arms were raised in surrender when Rittenhouse shot him. This goes beyond omission to outright lie. Grosskreutz, who was ILLEGALLY carrying the gun, testified that Kyle did not shoot him until he pointed his gun at Kyle. Again, Grosskreutz’s OWN TESTIMONY was that he pointed his gun at Kyle.

At best, Rep. Nicole is appallingly ignorant.