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If Neil Wetherbee Is Such a Great Candidate™ Why Didn’t He Just Run as a Democrat?

Fake Republican Neil Wetherbee is a Democrat

Derry has a Fake Republican (he’s a Democrat) running in a Republican primary. His more vocal supporters (who regularly bash Republicans) are arguing that he’s the best candidate.

That is their justification for asking Democrats to register as Independents who can then vote in a Republican primary.

You’ve got a Bernie and Buttigieg supporting Democrat who has name recognition in town from holding a non-partisan elected office. He’s supposedly this great guy who’s the best candidate. And you will do anything to get him elected.

You’ll tell Democrats to register as independents to vote for him; he’s just so good for Derry they have to have him.

Why all the bother?

Why have him change his party affiliation and then ask other Democrats in town to do the same?  Why not let him run as a Democrat, and they can vote for him as a Democrat? There are no hoops, no speculation, just this so-called Great Candidate™ who is good for the town and the people, getting these votes.

A candidate that’s so damn good you should be able to convince Republicans to change their party to independent to vote for him in a Democrat primary.

If there’s such a desperate need for a moderating force in politics why isn’t that a sell if he’s a Dem? Is it because he endorsed radical leftists or because Democrats won’t vote for him if he trie to sell himself a moderate?

All this talk about moderating the right and a moderate Dem doesn’t win? They certainly don’t do well in Concord. And he can’t run as a regular Democrat using his past support for Socialists like Bernie Sanders at least not in this district.

The only chance Democrat Neil Wetherbee has in this majority Republican town is to register as a Republican to run in what becomes a three-way Republican primary. Then everyone who supports him pretends that it’s no big deal that this dishonesty is justified for some greater good.

An excuse I assume they’ll continue to use when the “Republican” (if elected) votes Democrat on every critical piece of legislation important to any “Republicans” who were misled or outvoted by Democrats registered as Independents.

Yes. That is what our politics needs—more fraud.

Neil Wetherbee is good…for the Democrat party clawing at a sliver of a Republican majority. But the only way to elect a Bernie and Buttigieg supporter in the mostly Republican town is to lie about who he is and why he’s running.

And that appears to be what is happening.

And it’s not too late to stop it. But Derry Republicans will need to show up in vast numbers and get behind one other candidate in that primary, and I’m not sure if they have it in them.