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SIxteen tons

Reflections on Our Recent Labor Day

My new truck doesn’t get much in the way of radio reception, so I was tuning around and found NHNPR. Which is, in fact, more like Nincom Poop Radio.

Government Spending Reform

The issue Higher taxes are not the solution to our out-of-control spending. Taxes are over $3 trillion this year. Our deficit will be over $1 trillion. Raising all taxes by one third only allows us to balance the budget. How ugly is that? It would not allow us to put a dent in our debt. …

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Republican Presidential Challengers Are Queuing Up

Data from the Treasury Department shows the deficit increasing by $120 billion in July alone. Most of the spending is going toward health services and the military. Congress and the Executive branch just agreed to remove the debt ceiling and further increase spending. The year over year comparison for the month shows federal spending up …

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Chains, children, shackle, slave

Servitude Is Alive and Well in America

by Kevin Scully  | The Democrats have successfully reintroduced indentured servitude to American society by creating three classes of government serfs. The vote-slave, the wage-slave, and the debt-slave.