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WINNING! – Second Democratic Legislator Leaves New Hampshire

Sensing that free staters, libertarians, and conservatives have taken permanent control of the state, many progressives have been moving to better states over the past few months. But the highest-profile name was Democratic Senate Leader and Gubernatorial nominee, Dan Feltes, who announced in October that he is moving to Iowa with his family.

Where are the Nashua Democrats?

Last Saturday, we attended a Get Out the Vote (GOTV) rally on the Nashua Library Plaza featuring Congresswoman Ann Kuster and Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Dan Feltes. Only a couple of dozen people attended.

Dirty Dan Feltes

Character, Candidates, and Senator Dan Feltes

That Dan Feltes has been a lawyer and legislator with little executive or managerial experience is relevant to his candidacy for Governor of New Hampshire. But there are other considerations regarding higher office aspirations—like character.

Dirty Dan Feltes

Dan Feltes is Trapped in a Political Box Canyon of His Own Making

Remember back when Ted Cruz was persona non grata among his fellow Republican Senators because he had convinced House Republicans to defund Obamacare, which led to a government shutdown … how his critics kept saying that Cruz had led Republicans into a political “box canyon”? Well … I don’t know if that really was so …

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