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Sununu, Mowers Win: AP Calls for Messner But Bolduc Does not Concede

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With 68% reporting, Dave Wheeler was ahead of Bob Clegg in EC5 (No Winner Called, no concession). In Feltes-Volinsky, it’s 51-49 (no winner called, no concession. Sununu wins with 89.7% of the vote (88% reporting), Mowers with 62% of the vote (92% reporting).

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In the Corky Messner/Don Bolduc race, AP has called it for Messner with 86% reporting, but Gen. Bolduc has not conceded.

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Messner leads by about 10,000 votes plus a few hundred, and I’m not sure what the path to victory is for the general here, but he is welcome to hold that hill as long as he can.

As reported last night, Steve Negron won the NH CD-2 nomination for the second time defeating Lynne Blankenbeker (47-40 with 85% reporting). Lynne conceded last night just before 11pm, the spread has not changed much since then.

Governor Sununu, who blew Karen Testerman out of the water by over 100,000 votes, does not yet know who his challenger is, and he may have to wait. As I joked on Facebook last night,

A nice (very public) vote by mail drawn-out ugly fight on the left for the nomination for governor would be a thing to behold. If it takes a week or two, that’s less time to campaign, and we wouldn’t know by whom.

Practically speaking, I think we’ll have a nominee sooner rather than later. NH State Dem Party Chair Ray Buckley is not dumb enough to let this drag out too long for the reasons I mentioned.

But I am still holding out hope for a misplaced box of votes in that race. Sweet irony.

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