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Notable Quote – reinforcement for my previous post on Free Markets

My previous post. Simply because it fits and too many people believe that a cabal of rulers can run our economy better than we ourselves can (emphasis mine): A liberalism – no slaves, the right to say no – is built into [Adam] Smith’s argument at the outset. You decide, not the government or the community, not the …

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Liberty is freedom from Government - Von Mises

“Winning Is Only a Precursor – What You Do Afterwards Is More Important”

The headline is a quote from moi, your’s truly. And it really does matter. Most Establishment Republicans seem to hold that winning is Job 1 and Job 2 is…yeah…just…whatever. To activists or those good souls that see something wrong and want to right it, the second part IS the most important.

Moral Certitude in America

Moral Certitude in America

Moral Certitude is the confident agreement to or approval of something after consideration. In this case, the matter considered is human conduct. We make such assessments based on people’s normal and predictable responses. Those responses include certain needs, abilities, and motivations.

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A New Path to Careers for NH High School Students

When we talk about students who are not succeeding in our current education system, we often say that they “slipped through the cracks.” Well, what if we filled in those cracks so that students could move seamlessly from high school to college to the workforce?