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Watch The 5pm White House Coronavirus Briefing on

White House Live Briefing 5 pm

The President’s COVID-19 approval ratings are too high so the media, which has been lying non-stop, scaring people, and sharing crap data to try and shut down the economy, has said it may stop airing the daily White House briefing.

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MSNBC, CNN, and the Alphabets cutaway from the briefing before it ended yesterday claiming editorial discretion. Good for them. They are entitled to that. It’s their network. They are under no obligation to broadcast anything they do not want to air.

By the same token, their viewers are not obligated to tune in if the network isn’t covering “news” that matters to them. They choose, you choose.

With that in mind, we’d like you to choose so we’ve copied the provided link from for today’s 5 pm briefing here.

We will do our best to provide access to these every day for as long as they are available.