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Daily Virus Briefings Give Trump Polling Lift So, Some in Media Say, Stop Airing Them!

Trump coronavirus press conference

Is there anyone left in America who does not believe the media is a multi-bajillion dollar partisan in-kind donor to the Democrat Party? Sure, Democrats. But the mask keeps slipping and it must be getting harder to hang on to the illusion.

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The president is holding daily briefings. Keeping America up to date on the state of the government response. No matter what you or I may think about the actions or the politics, the average American is impressed. Over 60% of us like what we see from this President on this “crisis.” 

The elites who think they know better are not amused. Rachel Madcow at MSDNC and others have called to end the airing because (get this) people are dying. Trump sharing news about drugs that are helping is “telling people a fairy tale like that is cruel and harmful and needlessly diverting and wildly irresponsible from anyone in any leadership role.”

She’s not even close. We reported on this before it became a political football, and on the President’s request for CDC and FDA to get off their asses. As well as the follow-up announcement that the addition of Azithromycin improved the odds and speed of recovery. That’s all true. Anecdotally and scientifically.

Not only is it not a fairytale, but it is also not dangerous. Doctors are already free to prescribe these in any combination and have. Making time to instill some optimism based on these facts is exactly the sort of leadership we need. Which is too much for the lying left-wing Madcow and her partisan parishioners.

Orange. Man. Bad.

America does not agree so they focus on trying to make the topic about dog-whistle racism and rant on about recovery bias muting initial response failures. Do you mean failures like the media calling Trump’s travel ban from China racist when even Trump-hating Globalists admit it was the right move? Democrats like Chuck Schumer (who has since deleted the Tweet), calling the travel ban racist.

Sullivan even calls the briefings a replacement for Trump Rallies, but the Taskforce briefings are nothing like Trump Rallies. And the old trope of xenophobia and racism doesn’t work either.

If Chinese Americans are a walking army of Wuhan Mary’s, why would anyone seek close physical contact with them? And there is no evidence of mass shunning or intimidation. Check the local police reports and I bet you will find less evidence of this than the (unreported or underreported) average leftist ‘hate crime’ against your Jewish neighbors.

In other words, they made it up. It is not true anywhere but in the minds of the media and any Democrat who failed to heed the guidance of New Hampshire’s own congresswoman Ann Kuster who said: “now is not the time to play politics.”

But the left has no other setting. They are playing politics with bailout Porkulus bills. The partisan media has no other setting either. Which is ironic. They are Donald Trump’s popularity drug mule. Since day one their obsession with featuring him as a means to destroy him has only made him stronger.

And they think that refusing to air his daily briefings in the midst of a global crisis will finally get the job done?

Sure, if the job is destroying whatever is ‘left’ of their credibility.

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