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Democrat Bucket List: An America with Chinese Characteristics

China is a communist country. Making people disappear is a thing you don’t ask about unless you want to disappear. Rights are not a thing; you don’t have any. But the CCP discovered something important. Markets. Communism needs money, but communism is a disincentive to create wealth.

Screw You

Did the Wu Flu Screw You?

Countries around the world are asking: Did the Wu flu screw you? Reuters Monday reports China’s top intelligence ministry made a presentation to President Xi Jinping.  The presentation contains a warning of growing anti-Chinese sentiment around the world.

The Left’s History of Bigotry

The Left’s History of Bigotry

The Left’s History of Bigotry is long and deep. Socialists and leftists generally claim they support equality and diversity. Sounds great doesn’t it? It’s part of virtue signaling in this age of political correctness.


CDC and NIH Spent $2.87 Million to Study Why Lesbians are Obese

The Coronavirus response “issues” the average lazy “journalist” might try to lay at the feet of Donald Trump are not Trump-related. They are thanks to agencies like the CDC and NIH who, in case you are curious, have been focused on other pressing “health” matters. Like why Lesbians are obese.