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Portland Marxists Riots

Woke Culture’s Marxist Roots

Hey, all right? I’m NOT! It’s clear to me that the “woke culture” movement was born in Marxism and is pushing our country to Marxist totalitarianism!


The CCB19 (Communist Chinese Bioweapon19) Democrat Spending Bill

The CCB19 (Communist Chinese Bioweapon19) Democrat Spending Bill to Cost US Taxpayers $13,260 Each. Of course, with all things Washington DC, that is not bad enough. Unspent billions sit unused. Like uninvestigated ballots in the NH AG’s Election Eunuchs office in Concord.


Is Biden’s Energy Agenda Suicide or Murder?

The Biden administration is preventing the development of multitrillion-dollar domestic resources. There are differing views on this but look at the difference between the Trump economy and the Obama economy.


Ruminations on Big Corporations, Big Government and Trump

Counter to some opinions I am concerned about our environment. I just don’t believe the answer is windmills and solar panels (made in China usually), nor do I think we in the U.S. are the problem except for plastics. Darn plastics are everywhere, all over everything and it lasts for like a thousand years.

Floating Wind farm

‘Green Leap Forward’

In the book Mao’s Great Famine, author Frank Dikötter describes in vivid detail the period between 1958 and 1962 where an estimated 45 million Chinese people were worked, starved, or beaten to death in a mad rush to overtake the Western world as measured by agricultural and industrial outputs.

Lily Tang Williams

Unlocking Propaganda With Lily Tang Williams

Lily Tang Williams, now a successful American businesswoman, grew up in communist China under Mao. Lily plans to explain her experiences with propaganda in China and how that relates to the current push for governments to centralize control over our lives.