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Enes Kanter and Xi Jingping

China, Celtics, and Freedom

High profiles athletes often make “public service announcements” (PSAs) for this or that. Don’t use drugs. Get vaccinated. Stay in school. Then there is Boston Celtic center Enes Kanter, who perhaps issued the “Mother of all PSAs” when he warned that the Chinese Communist regime’s leader, Xi Jinping, was a “brutal dictator.”

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Israel Leads the Way in Renewable Energy!

As the Biden Administration cuts American energy companies throats so there will be no alternative but renewables in the near future, we can look to Israel for a view of our Ecoluddite utopian future.

China America Money

Enes Kanter = Hero

So here is the tweet from Celtics backup center Enes Kanter that got the Chinese Communist Party to ban the Celtics:

Quick Takes – Hat Trick

Within I pick three topics upon which to discourse, but not worth a full-length examination as a standalone piece on their own.  But first, reprising an older cartoon (for shameless self-promotion!):

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The Great Reset Should Scare Us All

Is America at war? The short answer is, “Yes, we are.” Who exactly are we fighting? It might feel like Democrats vs. Republicans, but it is not. There is a much bigger threat to you than your neighbor who has a different political view. This enemy does not care to which party you belong.

Joe Biden Corn Maze - Image Credit Reddit

A Reader’s Rant On What Only Took 9 Months to “Accomplish”

I hope all you Democrats and NeverTrumpers who voted for Dunce Biden are happy with your choice. Food shortages, food prices spike, gas prices spike, electricity prices spike, brown outs coming, blackouts coming, face mask mandates, vaccine mandates, house prices skyrocketing.

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive_ - C.S. Lewis [267x598] PInterest

Will America Survive

American’s have become enslaved by their desire to have money. I recognize this is a blanket statement and that necessities are purchased with money, the point is that Americans have in many ways a distorted perspective on what constitutes necessities.


Lt. Col. Scheller

Marine Corps Lt. Col. Scheller has been arrested and confined to the brig (USMC jail) for speaking out against his superiors handling of the retreat/evacuation of Kabul in August.