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Clinton Aspirin Factory

Biden’s Aspirin Factory

When then-President Clinton got himself into political trouble and the (Propagandist) Media had no choice but to cover his sexual exploits he decided he needed a distraction.  Immediate military action was his decision so he struck the enemy in Somalia.  The problem being his supposed enemy ended up being an aspirin factory he bombed.

Bidenese video screen grab - Not the Bee

Biden’s Actions Left America – and the World – Less Safe

Captain Whiteman and his platoon were ordered to support Afghan soldiers and protect a friendly Afghan village with its 12 American aid workers. Without orders, Captain Whiteman withdrew his platoon during the night without telling his Afghan allies and leaving their position indefensible.

White House 640px-President_Joe_Biden_with_his_dogs

Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal Makes World Much More Dangerous

President Biden‘s incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan demonstrates a shocking disregard for the lives of others.  Withdrawing troops without first withdrawing the 5,000 to 40,000 American civilians and our allies’ civilians working on behalf of our government’s goals is shameful, unpardonable, and displays Biden’s moral bankruptcy.

No symtoms but that's a symptom

Occasional Overnight Thread Monday Meme Storm

Vaccine Fever (or fevers caused by vaccines) is all the rage (virus?) and the funny thing about that is a lot of doctors and medical professionals are saying it’s not even a vaccine. We’ll stick with The Jab™ and we’ll also continue poking fun at people about the whole deal.