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How would you glorify violence?

How Would You Glorify Violence? … Just Asking

A tweet about not attending Biden’s big party is the glorification of violence. At the same time, a tweet from the Chinese Embassy in the U.S. paints Uighur concentration camps and forced sterilization as a victory for women.

Just trust China

Just Trust China … Nothing to See Here

The Left is no longer working overtime leveraging a virus to manipulate an election. Now we’re seeing a different picture. China does not look to be our partner and friend. The concerns many have been raising about the origins of the coronavirus suddenly do not seem so implausible.

Biden and Ossoff

Biden and Ossoff Sitting in a Tree…

Jon Ossoff is the Democrat Georgia Senate candidate. Mr. Ossoff believes federal immigration officials should provide workplace protections for illegal immigrants. He specifically thinks that includes enforcement of a minimum wage. Ossoff made the argument at a campaign event over the weekend.

House of Sweden

Tell us the House of Sweden Story Again  

Joe Biden is the one who claims to know nothing about his son Hunter’s international business ties. Forget about the pictures of the two of them together on the planes. Reports are emerging that say Mr. Biden sure had a cozy relationship with Hunter’s international business associates.

Slave Labor Pays

Chinese Slave Labor Pays the NBA

There’s a terrible optic out there for the NBA. It appears slave labor pays for the NBA in China. Don’t you just love professional sports these days? Neither do I. The National Basketball Association is full if hypocritical social justice warriors. Don’t misunderstand. They believe what they say… for as long as they are talking. …

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