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Bullying of Conservatives on Campus

Bullying of Conservatives on Campus

Perhaps because colleges have been bastions of Leftism for years we are seeing a frequent bullying of conservatives on campus. Now, with the rising acceptance of “social justice” campuses are radical socialist indoctrination centers. Parents who teach their kids to be critical thinkers receive a surprise when those kids return after months of leftist programming. …

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parent-child-shadow-silhouette School choice for NH

Educator-Parent Supports Options

Several weeks ago, we were contacted by a woman who sought educational options for her daughter who is experiencing relentless bullying at her local school. Even though she is an educator herself, the staff is unresponsive to the mom’s concerns and continues to place her daughter in stressful conditions. Children deserve to have their educational …

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How to End School Bullying

In Robert Heinlein’s story ‘Friday’, the California Confederacy, noting that Californians with college degrees earn more than those with high school diplomas alone, enacts a law granting all citizens a bachelor’s degree upon graduation from high school.

Why? Because the Left has redefined the word “tolerance”

…to mean that they only tolerate those that agree with them.  Other people, certainly not so much; they’re vaunted “Anti-Bullying” program goes out the window (isn’t that right Dan Williams, when it comes to Libertarians?).  This LtE (Letter to the Editor) caught my eye this morning: To The Daily Sun, Why do Democrats attack conservative …

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Anatomy Of A Bankrupt Party

It’s not that Jennifer Horn is doing a bad job, in fact, she’s been taking the fight to the enemy quite well. It’s the thuggery and criminal behavior among the NHGOP elites who put her in there, and their willingness to throw good Republicans under the bus, which is hurting us. If Jennifer was the …

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Minnesota Democrats Bullying a Candidate for Practicing Gay Sex?

Here’s a real winner from Minnesota.  State party Democrats are trying to convince Legislator Kerry Gauthier not to run for re-election in his reliably Democrat district.  Gauthier, 56, had consensual oral sex with a 17 year old boy at a rest stop in Duluth back in July.   (The age of consent for such matter appears to …

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How Much Is Enough? (And Other Problems With Left Wing Policy)

Taxation is a legalized theft with no limit; Ask Mark Fernald, the current titular class-warfare mouthpiece of the left in New Hampshire, how much property he needs the state to confiscate to end the class warfare he wages? What are the terms of peace Mark, or are they terms of surrender? Every month you go on and on with your class warfare but tell us, how long and how much? At what point is government large enough to solve all the problems you imagine it must confront?