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Celebrity Pushes Back on ‘Cultural Appropriation,’ Feminism, And the Media Bully Culture

Gwen Stefani

It’s nice to see celebrities push back on the bully culture. The silence is [violence] cranks who insist you have to express an opinion on everything (theirs) or they’ll decide for you. Well, this celebrity is pushing back, and in the nicest way.


While Silence is violence is the systemic bullying cry of  BLM and CRT, it is a culture featured in tyrannies old and new. If you don’t bend the knee you are against us, prepare to be another poster child for what disagreeing looks like.

The entire anti-social media verse, and (ironically) entertainment industry, is obsessed with what, in fact, is a creativity-crushing worldview that limits the mind and opportunity to explore life and art.

Gwen Stefani was recently put under that microscope for hiring a crew of Japanese girls as backup dancers. She employed talented people whom she values, enjoys, and admires to help her entertain the rest of us.

The cranks had to have a problem with that; cultural appropriation violation. One of the stupidest intolerance agenda items the left has yet conceived. I’d preface it for you, but Gwen – who used to be just a girl in the world – does a fine job all by herself.


“If we didn’t buy and sell and trade our cultures, we wouldn’t have so much beauty, you know?” Stefani said. “We learn from each other, we share from each other, we grow from each other. And all these rules are just dividing us more and more.”


The example I use most often is typical of the problem. The left deliberately appropriates the wholly unique culture of freedom in America and the value and growth created by a free market Constitutional Republic to tear that all down. They appropriate the culture to destroy it. Is that why they get a bug up their ass when anyone else embraces something from someplace else.

Do They assume they are like them? It’s a problem for these radicals. They politically isolate themselves and often know no one who does not believe as they do. If everyone you know thinks like you, the odds are good that you’re the problem, and your ideas are not the solution.

And none of that even matters because you go wherever the political winds blow, even it means tipping last week’s sacred cow.

The appropriation schtick is just another hypocritical BS political hit job that turns on politics and power.

Stefani is also not hip to fake feminism.


“I don’t need to go on Instagram and say ‘girl power.’ I just need to live and be a good person and leave a trail of greatness behind me,” she said. “Stop talking about it and stop trying to bully everybody about it. Just do it. And that’s how I feel like I’ve lived my life.” … “Stop trying to bully everybody about it.”


You don’t have to love her music or even like it, but she is a very successful and influential artist. She is an influencer, and I have to admit I like her influence.


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